FBI Reveals Missy Peregrym's Return With Fun Cast Video, But Is Maggie Ready For Action?

Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell in FBI Season 5
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FBI fans who have been waiting since the spring to see Missy Peregrym back as Agent Maggie Bell will soon be rewarded! The actress will return to the hit CBS drama in just a few weeks, and the cast celebrated the good news with a fun video. But while Peregrym’s return to set seems like it was a whole lot of fun for the FBI team, details about her first episode back suggest that maybe Maggie isn’t 100% ready for action-packed business as usual. 

Missy Peregrym returns to FBI with a new episode on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. ET, called “Ready or Not.” The video that the Instagram account for the FBIs posted doesn’t give away plot details, but the actors are all smiles and cheers in welcoming Peregrym back. Take a look:

Based on all the smiles and fanfare, it seems safe to say that the cast of FBI is happy to welcome their co-star back after her long absence! The actress previously confirmed that she’d return from her maternity leave (which was the reason for Maggie being exposed to sarin gas and out of commission in final episodes of Season 4) in the fall, but fans could only wonder about when it would happen until this fun announcement. 

Of course, longtime co-star Zeeko Zaki has been hyping why fans should be excited to see Maggie again, and even opened up about how OA might have handled his recent trauma differently if he had his normal partner back. Nina has had OA’s back in Season 5, but the Maggie/OA partnership has been at the heart of the series from the beginning. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that OA and Maggie will be back in gunfights and chase sequences together right off the bat, however, based on the CBS episode description for “Ready or Not.” Maggie’s first case back will center on the murder of a law student who’d been set to attend the FBI academy as well as the murder of a man who might have ties to gangs. 

While that might be a difficult case no matter when the team investigated, Maggie will inadvertently reveal something to her partner that makes OA concerned that she’s moving too quickly in coming back to work. It’s nothing new for OA to worry about her, and he was already stressed about the sarin gas in Season 4 before she was exposed, so it makes sense if he might be more sensitive about her wellbeing than ever before. 

Whether or not she’s truly ready for action remains to be seen, but she’s back in investigation mode with the rest of the team in one of the first looks at her return: 

The FBI team in CBS' FBI

(Image credit: Bennett Raglin/CBS)

All things considered, the fifth season of FBI has provided some developments that fans have been waiting for since Season 4. The return of Maggie has been a long time coming after she was left in rough shape back in the spring, and the show also finally aired the delayed Season 4 finale. The episode (which resulted in Jeremy Sisto’s Jubal making some complicated decisions) was delayed at the end of the fourth season in light of a real-life tragedy, and ultimately fit in well with Season 5. 

Find Missy Peregrym back on FBI as Maggie Bell on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, with FBI: International (which has the Fly Team at their best after adding a new member) at 9 p.m. and FBI: Most Wanted (which just delivered an incredibly emotional episode with Hana’s kidnapping) at 10 p.m. You can find all three shows streaming with a Paramount+ subscription as well.

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