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Final Report On Bob Saget’s Death Released, With Information Redacted Following Judge’s Decision

Bob Saget’s shocking early January death obviously saddened the comedian and Full House star’s many family members, friends, and fans. But, after an initial report on the cause of death was released about a month later, with “head trauma” being cited as the cause, Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and their three daughters filed a lawsuit to stop additional details of his death going public. Now, the final report on Saget’s death has been released, but in accordance with the ruling on that lawsuit, some of the information has been redacted.

What Does The Final Report On Bob Saget’s Death Say?

Bob Saget was found unresponsive in his Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes hotel room after he’d performed a stand-up set. That initial report noted that his fatal injury wasn’t due to drugs or alcohol, and according to Good Morning America, the information now released about Saget’s autopsy states that his injury likely came from “something hard, covered by something soft,” meaning that it could have come from something like a fall onto carpeted flooring.

The autopsy report also notes that Saget sustained a fracture at the base of his skull, and that it led to bleeding around his brain. The impact of the blow then “broke the orbital bones at the front of his skull.”

This information on Saget’s autopsy likely clears up some lingering questions that his friends and fans had about what led to his death. When Kelly Rizzo and their children (Aubrey, Jennifer, and Lara) filed their lawsuit on February 15, their hope was that Orange County Sheriff John Mina and the District Nine Medical Examiner’s office (who were investigating Saget’s death and able to release details about their findings) would be forced to keep sensitive details like photos, videos, audio, and autopsy information private and not for public use.

However, some of those things were already considered public information in the state of Florida, seeing as how they are paid for with tax dollars, with photographs, video and audio recordings being exempt from public use. With the details that have now been released from the final report on Saget’s death, his family wasn’t able to completely bar the findings from becoming public record. And, it was just on Monday of this week that a Florida judge ruled that no photos or body camera footage surrounding Saget’s death could be released to the media.

It’s likely that loving memories, sweet tributes, and touching anecdotes from Bob Saget’s many friends will continue to be made for quite some time, along with grateful messages to his fans from Kelly Rizzo. Hopefully, the details in the full report on his death will actually help his widow and their daughters to cope with his sudden passing, and to be able to find a bit of peace in knowing more of what happened. 

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