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Following Recent WWE Releases, Another Wrestler Asked To Be Let Out Of His Contract

Mustafa Ali in the WWE
(Image credit: WWE)

2021 was a year full of releases for the WWE (due to varied reasons), and it seems like 2022 could follow suit. On the heels of a handful of NXT releases, there’s now a wrestler on the roster who informed fans he’s looking to get out of his contract. So what’s going on, and why does Mustafa Ali want out of the WWE? 

Mustafa Ali, whose real name is Adeel Alam, made the announcement of his intentions this Sunday. Ali posted a short video on his Twitter page with more details, along with the message, “I am requesting my release from WWE.”

I have a message that is much bigger than my dreams in pro wrestling. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able to deliver this message while working with WWE. Therefore, I am requesting my release from WWE.

The wrestler didn’t give many details regarding his message or what led to the request, though Fightful Select claims there was behind-the-scenes drama between the wrestler and others who work for the organization. Allegedly, Ali pitched a character several weeks ago described as “New America,” which appeared well-received by the creative team. However, the idea seemingly lost steam after higher-ups heard it.

In its place, company head Vince McMahon came to Mustafa Ali, who was born and raised in Illinois but is of Pakastani and Indian descent, with an alternative pitch for a character described as something Ali “never would have done.” The two allegedly had a “heated argument” about it, and Ali hasn’t been on WWE television since October. 

We don’t know much about Mustafa Ali’s reported “New America” gimmick, though the wrestler has a past of speaking out against tying his wrestling identity to his ethnicity. Ali defended himself against critics (via The Express Tribune) in 2017 who felt he should embrace his Pakastani heritage. The wrestler stated that he didn’t feel people should be defined by where they're from and said he preferred to represent the idea of unity:

I'm not trying to just represent one country. This is so much bigger than that. I don't 'represent' any country. I represent unity. Yes, my family is from Pakistan. Yes, I was born in America. None of that defines me. Cool?

It’s unknown at this point where Mustafa Ali plans to go following his exit from WWE or if the organization will even grant his release. Obviously, he’s at the mercy of the company regarding whether he’ll be allowed to leave, though the public statement will undoubtedly put pressure on the entertainment entity now that fans know the wrestler wants to move on. At this point, we can only wait and see how this story develops and how Vince McMahon and his team respond. 

Monday Night Raw airs over at USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in for lots of high-flying wrestling action and perhaps a hint of where things head as WrestleMania (which may or may not include John Cena) draws near. And as talent leaves, also be sure to keep an eye on those WWE stars that may be returning to the ring.

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