Former Jeopardy Champ Amy Schneider Is Now Engaged, But Did Her Fiancée Remember To Respond In The Form Of A Question?

What could be better than winning Jeopardy? Maybe winning 40 times consecutively and becoming the second longest-running champion of the game. Amy Schneider has achieved that, and her wins just keep coming. Schneider has now announced her engagement to her longtime girlfriend Genevieve, which could only be made better if the proposal was asked in the signature Jeopardy format.

Amy Schneider took to her Twitter to announce that she is a betrothed woman. Along with the super sweet caption, you can see a photo of Scheider and Genevieve’s rings. Take a look for yourself:

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Both women wear relatively simple rings with a diamond in the middle of a plain band, but they certainly are striking! It appears that their engagement rings are matching, though one might be a slightly different shape than the other.

Fans seem to be super happy for the couple, as Amy Schneider’s post has a number of congratulations in the comments. One commenter says she’s having fun imagining what a grand wedding the couple can have from the winnings of that 40-game streak, and another is saying how the post is a great reminder how there is beautiful love in the world.

With a 40-game winning streak at her back, this seems like pretty much the perfect time for Amy Schneider to get engaged. During her time on the long-running game show, Schneider expressed that it was the longest time she had been apart from her partner since they started dating, and the pearls she wore during the show were in honor of Genevieve

The pearls may have kept her partner with her and in her mind while she stood on camera, but they also seemed to bring her some luck too (although she didn’t really need it with a brain like that). There is such a huge range in the clues that Jeopardy shoots out (including the occasional Katee Sackhoff-related clue) that a lucky necklace that keeps a loved one present during the stress of the show could surely come in handy.

I imagine it will be some time until we see a success like the one we saw with Amy Schneider on the game show, although winning streaks are a more common thing recently in the long history of the show. Even so, that doesn’t really mean the clues are getting any easier

The only person who has had more wins than Schneider is Ken Jennings, who is currently co-hosting the series along with Mayim Bialik. The two switch off and on with hosting duties, and even if you don’t cable, you can stream the game show with the new hosts if you’ve got a Hulu subscription with the live TV upgrade. 

Big congratulations are in order for Amy Schneider and her partner Genevieve, even if they didn’t take advantage of Schneider’s time on Jeopardy and respond to the proposal in the form of a question... as far as we know!

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