Full House's Andrea Barber Made A Reference-Filled Video For Candace Cameron Bure's 46th Birthday, But It Was A Gift For Everyone

DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie on Fuller House.
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TV hasn’t been the same since Fuller House concluded its five-season run on Netflix. That hasn’t stopped the Full House cast from reuniting occasionally, as evident by Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘90s Con pics. Of course, another occasion came up for the cast as Bure celebrated her 46th birthday. Not everyone could join physically so social media became the place for well wishes. Full House’s Andrea Barber took the cake with a reference-filled video, but it ended up being a gift for everyone.

Of course, the bond between the Full House alums goes beyond the small screen as the two actresses have shared off- and onscreen moments. So, celebrating the Queen of Hallmark Channel’s  birthday wasn’t out of the norm. But Barber didn’t just sprinkle in Full House and Fuller House references; she decided to channel Kimmy Gibbler in her shout-out. In typical Kimmy style, the actress had to start her special gift by throwing a certain Tanner sister under the bus.

Now, this Cameo is from… Stephanie. Way to phone it in, Stephanie. She can’t call you herself or do her own Cameo for you. I think her Cameo is turned off. How rude!

While Barber and Jodie Sweetin are close in real life, the Fuller House actress couldn’t help but drag the middle Tanner sister by using her signature catchphrase. She mentioned the iconic phrase again as she referenced Stephanie and Kimmy’s brother Jimmy’s newborn daughter only popping up once or twice on the Netflix series after her birth.

But DJ Fuller didn’t go unscathed on Candace Cameron Bure's special day, as Andrea Barber had to bring up the time that Kimmy's lifelong BFF forgot a special birthday. Barber got a good quip in by saying,

I’m not even mad that you forgot my sixteenth birthday and made me a hash brown cake, because that hash brown cake was really, really good.

For any avid Full House fan, the infamous hash brown cake will live on forever. In the Season 6 episode “Birthday Blues,” DJ scrambles at the last minute to throw a birthday party together for Kimmy after getting caught up in her and Steve’s six-month anniversary. But that didn’t stop the actress from celebrating her co-star’s birthday as she pushed a Gibbler family favorite – the Gibbler gallop. The comedic actress did a seated version of the birthday celebratory dance.  

Once her co-stars were out of the way, Barber even had time to clap back at some fans for the backlash the Netflix revival series finale received while squeezing in a sweet reference to Uncle Jessie’s rock star days. To catch all the references she laced in her sweet birthday message, you can watch Cameron Bure’s Instagram post below.

Yes! A “Forever” reference. It fed not only my love for the ABC sitcom to see the actress go full Kimmy, but Candace Cameron Bure's comment section was filled with sweet and spirited reactions from other Full (and Fuller) House alumni. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait until another fan convention or another revival(?) to see the cast together again.

If you want to see Kimmy Gibbler being her goofy, over-the-top self, you can watch every episode of Full House through an HBO Max subscription, followed by a Netflix subscription to watch every season of Fuller House.

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