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Another Full House Series? Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier And Cast Open Up About Whether They’d Do It Without Bob

DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie on Fuller House.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Two generations have now grown up alongside the Tanner/Fuller family. First there was Full House, which aired for eight seasons on ABC in the 1980s and ‘90s. That was when Bob Saget became affectionately known as “America’s Dad,” playing widower Danny Tanner. Danny’s oldest daughter DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) grew up to become DJ Tanner-Fuller, leading the Netflix revival Fuller House, which featured new families and family tree branches, but also plenty of familiar faces.

With Fuller House coming to an end in 2020 after five seasons — and the recent death of Bob Saget from a head trauma — the question of if we’ll ever see the Tanner bunch gather around the blue plaid couch again is a big one. Even if they could, would they want to, knowing that Danny Tanner wouldn’t be a part of it? Some of the shows’ stars addressed that very question as they reunited for 90s Con in Connecticut last weekend.

Andrea Barber, who played DJ’s BFF Kimmy Gibler on both series, told NBC’s “Morning News Now” anchor Joe Fryer how special it was to see moms who had been Full House fans bonding with their daughters who watched Fuller House. This prompted Dave Coulier — or Uncle Joey — to joke: 

Okay, we’ll do Fullest House.

I mean, that would be the natural progression, right? You can’t have Full and Fuller without the Fullest! But is that superlative sequel series something they would actually consider? Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber immediately both responded, “Totally!” and Dave Coulier also seemed ready to reprise his role:

I think we would in a heartbeat, yeah. I think we would.

Obviously there are no plans to continue with a third installment of the franchise, but it’s exciting to hear how much the actors still love those characters. However, if a new series ever did come to fruition, there would be one familiar face missing, after Bob Saget’s tragic passing at age 65

So would teaming up again without America’s Dad be painful, or would it be healing? Andrea Barber said it would be both, but apparently thinks it's worth it. In her words:

It would be hard, but I think Bob would want that.

Bob Saget loved his TV family, which has been made evident in the past couple of months from the stories that his former co-stars have shared. I’m sure he would love to see the gang continue to work together, even if it means doing it without him. Also, Fuller House featured tons of callbacks to the original series. Can you imagine the Saget tributes that would be included if Fullest House were ever made? Check out the full interview below:

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While it’s likely unrelated to their former roles of DJ and Steve, Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger recently revealed that they’re “cooking up something good,” as the TV couple posed for a selfie at her Redrock production office. I'm excited to see what that's all about and look forward to seeing if any of the other former co-stars join forces for future projects!

The Full House and Fuller House actors have remained close over the years, but they’ve particularly leaned on each other since Bob Saget’s death. Candace Cameron Bure said Saget’s family — both real and TV — were together “every day practically 24 hours a day — in the week between his passing and his funeral. Maybe someday we’ll see them together again on-screen. In the meantime, check out these Bob Saget movies and shows to watch if you want to remember the comedian at his best.

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