Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier And More Full House Stars Are Reuniting For A Cool Event Following Bob Saget’s Death

Over the past month or so, the Full House family has grieved following Bob Saget’s death. It hasn't been easy for the group, but they've continued to bond and share their fondest memories of Saget. Since the star's passing, the group has gotten together on a number of occasions, as stars like Candace Cameron Bure and Dave Coulier have gotten together to reminisce. Now, the pair, and some of their fellow castmates, will be uniting again for a cool event.

Full House (and Fuller House) alums Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and Scott Weinger are set to appear at ‘90s Con. The event, which is being held in Hartford, Connecticut, is set to run from March 11-13, according to E! News. While the reunion will surely be bittersweet due to Bob Saget’s absence, the stars seem excited to meet up. Cameron Bure previously explained how the TV family had been closer since Bob Saget's death, and Coulier (a.k.a. Uncle Joey) seemed to echo those statements while talking to E!:

We're so close, that whenever and wherever we get together it's like a family reunion. This may sound kind of sappy, but we really do love each other. We've been through everything together—births, deaths, marriages, divorces, our shows being picked up and cancelled. We're a real family on and off camera.

Because they've known each other over the past four decades, it's no surprise that the group has formed a close bond. It's honestly refreshing to see that the stars are there for each other no matter the situation. Oftentimes, devoted fans will hear a cast talk about their relationships not going past the soundstage or how there can be conflicts amongst the stars behind the scenes. So fans are sure to take comfort in the fact that the Tanners and their extended family are close in real life.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t rough patches along the way, though. John Stamos and Bob Saget actually didn’t get along in the beginning. Stamos recently recalled to The New York Times that their initial clash came about because of the two actors having completely different techniques. But eventually, they came to understand their differences and were still friends when Saget passed. The Uncle Jesse actor said that the day of the late comedian’s funeral was the hardest of his life, though he still managed to deliver a heartfelt and slightly raunchy eulogy. He also said his on-screen brother-in-law was his biggest cheerleader while he was trying to revive the classic sitcom for Netflix.

The Full House reunion is one of many set to take place during '90s con. Stars from the casts of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Hocus Pocus will also be there. So if you're a '90s aficionado and can make the trip, you may want to do yourself a favor and head over to the awesome-sounding event. The mere thought of seeing Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, and other veteran stars is already filling me with nostalgia.

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