Grey's Anatomy Will Return To ABC After A Break, With Meredith Sharing Big News And Addison Back In Seattle

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy is quickly wrapping up. This season has seen the introduction of a whole new Minnesota-based workforce — and fresh love interests for Meredith and Amelia in Nick Marsh and Kai Bartley, respectively — as well as the return of some familiar faces, and the twists just keep coming as the hit ABC medical drama hurtles toward the special two-hour season finale. Following a short hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy will return with a new episode on May 5 to reveal the fallout of two huge revelations from the previous episode, “Put It to the Test,” and a certain fan favorite neonatal goddess will grace the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial again.

Kate Walsh will return as Addison Montgomery when Grey’s resumes its Thursday night time slot, and that is always good news for fans. Since we never got official word about how many Season 18 episodes Walsh was returning for, we’d been wondering when we’d see her back in Seattle to check on that uterine transplant patient of hers (and perhaps check in with her ex-husband’s children again?). It makes for interesting timing, too, as it appears Meredith will be informing her Grey Sloan colleagues of her decision to accept the full-time position in Minnesota that David Hamilton offered her after their Parkinson’s trial success. 

Meredith’s supposed big move couldn’t be coming at a worse time, with Bailey having just received news that their residency program lost its accreditation due to understaffing. There’s no episode description yet, but the title “Should I Stay or Should I Go” might allude to some waffling on her part, even though she declares in the preview that she’s made her decision. Check out what’s to come when Grey’s Anatomy returns May 5:

Maggie certainly didn’t seem too pleased by Meredith’s announcement, and we already saw Bailey nearly have another heart attack when she heard about the job offer. Bailey’s tests may have come back clear, but she seemed a bit shaky, right up to the end of the episode, so I don’t think she’s out of the woods yet. 

Maybe she’s wondering that same thing I can’t stop asking: what’s going to happen to the Grey Sloan residents? They just got Levi Schmitt to come back to the hospital following a traumatic surgery, and there’s no way we can lose characters like Helm and Zander Perez, who is always a scene-stealer. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to find out.

ABC recently announced that both Grey’s Anatomy and its lead-in drama Station 19 were granted two-hour season finales, with the firehouse series’ conclusion airing a week earlier than the Grey’s finale. What’s more, ABC’s 2021-2022 TV season basically ends with the medical drama’s capper, as it will be the last finale to air, with a slot set for Thursday, May 26. 

Even though we’re approaching the end of Season 18, we can take comfort in the fact that there’s at least one more season of the ABC hit in the works. Ellen Pompeo signed on to reprise her starring role for Season 19, even as she’s expressed multiple times that she’s ready for the series to end. Grey’s Anatomy will resume at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 5, on ABC. In the meantime, check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what new and returning shows are premiering soon.

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