Heidi Klum Talks About Simon Cowell's Upcoming Wedding, And How Her AGT Co-Judge Got Roasted About His ‘'Tight T-Shirt' Look

Left: Heidi Klum looking shocked on AGT. Right: Simon Cowell smrking in a white button down on America's Got Talent.
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Simon Cowell’s sense of fashion is fairly basic. For years, from his time on American Idol and The X Factor up to his current tenure on America’s Got Talent, the judge has always rocked a tight black t-shirt, a plain white button down and on occasion a blazer to spice things up. With Season 17 of AGT wrapping up with the Mayyas Dance Group winning, the judges have some free time on their hands, and Cowell will be using some of his time off to get married. Fellow AGT judge and fashion icon, Heidi Klum is excited about the wedding and has poked fun at Cowell’s signature sense of style, saying she’s going to help him find his look for his big day, otherwise he'd just wear what he always wears. 

Cowell is marrying his longtime girlfriend Lauren Silverman. The two have been together since 2004 and announced their engagement back in January. Klum spoke with the press after the AGT finale about the upcoming wedding and said: 

I'm going to dinner with Lauren later and Sofia [Vergara]. We're having a girl's dinner again. We're going to talk about it. I feel like I need to take care of his outfit. I don't know if you guys saw this earlier when you got roasted, and she was making fun of his clothes.

Obviously, Klum is in charge of the outfit. The model transitioned from Project Runway to Making the Cut, a few years ago. With 16 seasons on Runway and three seasons on Making the Cut plus a modeling career that spans two decades, I think Klum is qualified to style (and throw some light shade at) her pal. She also referenced the Roast of Cowell from the finale and elaborated on his fashion, specifically for his wedding, saying: 

Because he promised me! We shook hands on it, and we never did this so I'm helping him for his outfit for his wedding. I should, right? Otherwise, he is going to go in a tight t-shirt. I want to settle it.

While Cowell may have been excited about the format change on AGT this season, one thing that hasn’t been updated are his fits. The guy has been wearing the same thing forever. Making Klum's light jabs at him hilarious. He and Klum have both been on AGT for a while and get in tiffs every so often, for example, this season they had a disagreement over a Golden Buzzer winner. However, it’s all in good fun, as the two are friends. Both Klum and fellow judge Sofia Vergara are close with Cowell’s fiance and will be in attendance at the wedding. 

The finale of America’s Got Talent was a constant in the 2022 TV schedule this summer, but now that it’s over Cowell and his fellow judges can take a break, and in Cowell’s case get married. While the show won’t be back until 2023, there are plenty of competition shows to check out this fall. But, if you want to go back and watch the incredible acts, watch the judges bicker, or watch everyone roast Simon Cowell’s fashion you can rewatch the latest season with a Peacock subscription

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