How Euphoria Breakout Star Chloe Cherry Feels About Everyone Talking About The Size Of Her Lips

HBO’s Euphoria has a large number of characters to keep track of this season with the increasingly dangerous drug addiction of Zendaya’s Rue in the dead center of it all. Newcomer Chloe Cherry delivers some welcome comic relief, as she came in hot in Season 2 with her matter-of-fact lines about the happenings throughout the show. You know… the one with the lips

Yes, Chloe Cherry plays Faye, the mini skirt-wearing blonde who shared the backseat of the car with Rue in the season premiere of Euphoria before she, Fezco, and Ashtray were part of another one of the show’s big nude scenes, then became the young drug dealers’ temporary roomie. The 24-year-old has received widespread recognition for playing the role and she has most definitely noticed all the attention related to her trademark lips. 

While speaking to Variety, the Euphoria star got blunt about the reaction to Faye and her lips on the series. In her words: 

It’s crazy how many people talk about my lips being so big… The amount of headlines that I have seen and the amount of people posting and commenting about my lips has been surreal. It’s nuts because you have to realize that I got those lips at some point in my life and nobody reacted that way — at least not to my face. So, it’s weird to see memes and stuff about it because these topics of conversation are on my body and I didn’t totally comprehend what the big deal was.

Chloe Cherry also shared that her “fifteen minutes of fame” has garnered a lot of positive response that “feels insanely good” to her. But, all at once, Cherry is also receiving a ton of attention on one specific feature on her face that she didn’t expect. In her normal life, she’s not constantly approached about her lips. As she continued: 

I swear nobody in my life was like, ‘Whoa Chloe those are insane.’ I guess this is what happens when you’re now known on a much larger scale.

As we all know, the internet can be rather nitpicky, and a lot of Chloe Cherry’s attention has been centered on her full lips. Cherry said that she’s getting a lot of people telling her that they “love” her as Faye, but even more people getting opinionated about her looks, and making memes about them. That hasn't stopped her from continuing to post photos on social media, however!

Of course it’s not just Chloe Cherry that’s getting a ton of attention here, as Euphoria has skyrocketed into a massive phenomenon full of iconic makeup looks, important discussions about drug abuse, and other issues facing teens unlike other shows we’ve seen before. You can catch up on Euphoria with an HBO Max subscription ahead of the Season 2 finale airing this Sunday, Feb 27 in the 2022 TV schedule.

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