Euphoria: What To Watch If You Like The Popular HBO Series

Zendaya in Euphoria.
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Euphoria has truly taken over the world, with its iconic makeup looks and fantastic cast. People from all over tune in weekly to see what's next in the lives of the characters, with those adventures usually narrated by Rue (Zendaya), a young woman with a drug addiction. 

But, with only two seasons with eight episodes each, binging this show is so easy that you'll reach the end in no time, looking for more. Fear not, as we have found a good list of shows that might remind you a bit of Euphoria, from their darker storylines to their focus on teenagers. Here are some of the best shows like Euphoria that you can stream right now, while you're waiting for Euphoria season 3.

Two of the main stars in Genera+ion.

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Genera+ion (HBO Max) 

First up on the list is the HBO Max original series, Genera+ion. This teen show takes place in Orange County, California, and within a conservative neighborhood, we focus in on an ensemble cast of characters who are learning to explore their sexuality, whether that be through relationships or other means, and what that means for their families and personal lives.

While it’s unfortunate that it only lasted for one season, Genera+ion was seriously a great show, featuring some genuinely really good LGBTQ storylines. Like Euphoria, each of these characters is different in their own way and dealing with their own problems, one day at a time. I personally think the kids in this show have a certain innocence that the kids of Euphoria don’t have, but it’s still worth a shot to watch. 

Stream Genera+ion on HBO Max.

Some of the main cast of Skins.

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Skins (Hulu) 

Next up, we have Skins, from the United Kingdom. In this popular show, we follow teens as they grow up in a tough environment, learning to come into themselves and be their own person despite obstacles that are constantly outside their door. 

Often regarded as the Euphoria for millennials, Skins is a must-watch if you’re a fan of the HBO show. While it’s not as mature as Euphoria is (I mean, Skins was never on HBO, so there’s why), it doesn’t shy from talking about dark subject matter that may sometimes be a bit too taboo to speak about in other teen shows, from mental illness to eating disorders, and sexuality to anything in-between. Plus, you get to see an incredible performance from Nicholas Hoult.

Stream Skins on Hulu.

One of the main characters in Grand Army.

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Grand Army (Netflix) 

A one-season show, Netflix's Grand Army takes place in New York City, specifically the borough of Brooklyn. We follow a group of teenagers who attend a public high school, dealing with social issues that change their lives forever.

Out of many of the shows on this list, I’d say that Grand Army comes quite close to the mature rating that Euphoria has. Again, no one can quite beat Euphoria, but Grand Army comes pretty damn close in that regard, from their discussions on rape culture to their city being the center of a terrorist attack. This show pulls no punches and is a much more serious teen drama - which makes it perfect for fans of Euphoria. 

Stream Grand Army on Netflix.

Two of the main characters in I Am Not Okay With This.

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I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix) 

In this, also one-season, Netflix series, I Am Not Okay With This follows a teenage girl who doesn't quite fit in and has trouble trying to deal with all these newfound feelings that come with growing up. Slowly, she also starts to realize that she’s not quite like everyone else - meaning she has superpowers. 

Okay, look, this is nowhere near as serious as Euphoria, but I put it here because I feel that everyone, in some way, can relate to what this girl is going through, even if it is her trying to adapt to superpowers. The teens of Euphoria are constantly trying to adapt to being different in this modern world, and that’s what the main character of this show does as well, even if its to a different extreme. 

Stream I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix.

The main cast of the Sex Lives of College Girls.

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The Sex Lives Of College Girls (HBO Max) 

In this HBO original, The Sex Lives of College Girls follows a group of four girls who are freshmen in college, and are now living together. During their first year, we get to see their exploits as they try to sexually awaken their lives, lose their virginity, find love, and so much more - alongside the struggles college dumps on them. 

For fans of the relationships of Euphoria, I’d think that The Sex Lives of College Girls would be a good option. Don’t get me wrong, many of the couples in Euphoria need couples counseling, in my opinion, but that’s what makes this such a great choice, because it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air with plenty of fun relationships that don’t feel as crazy as the ones on Euphoria. Also, The Sex Lives of College Girls cast is so much fun and super talented. 

Stream The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO Max.

Two of the main stars in We Are Who We Are.

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We Are Who We Are (HBO Max) 

Next up, we have We Are Who We Are. This Italian-American coming of age series follows two high schoolers who just want to carve their own identities and become who they are. The only issue is that they live on an American army base in Italy, which doesn’t necessarily allow for that freedom. 

I mean, in just reading the premise this sounds like a show that’s relatively similar to what many of the characters on Euphoria go through. Learning to love yourself, trying to become a better person, attempting to find love, all of which feels as if it's impossible thanks to society. That’s what We Are Who We Are explores - albeit in a much less graphic way than Euphoria

Stream We Are Who We Are on HBO Max. 

Sydney Sweeny in Everything Sucks!

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Everything Sucks! (Netflix) 

Another Netflix original that was canceled way too soon, Everything Sucks! takes place in the town of Boring, Ohio's Boring High School (which is a legit real place, by the way). For the whole series, we follow mainly two groups of people - the A/V Club and the Drama Club, and the hijinks that ensue. 

While Euphoria is darker in its way of telling its story, the show does revolve around teenagers in high school. If you’re looking for that same feeling without all the mature content, then Everything Sucks! is a safe bet for you. You also get to see Sydney Sweeney pre-Euphoria, who rocks her role amazingly well. I’m still so upset it didn’t get a Season 2.

Stream Everything Sucks! on Netflix.

The cast of Yellowjackets.

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Yellowjackets (Showtime) 

God, could I go on about this show. Yellowjackets follows a high school soccer team that was on its way to nationals when the plane crashed down in the wilderness. We flash forward between their lives in the forest and their lives now as adults, exposing us to the darkness they had to face when they realized no one was coming for them. 

Now, this is a teen drama that has the mature content you want. While the Yellowjackets cast also features a great ensemble of adult actors who tell the story in the present, the story of the teenagers in the woods is really what makes this show. If you want something that’s more mature but a little less about high school drama, like Euphoria, be sure to check this amazing show. 

Stream Yellowjackets on Showtime.

Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden in The End of the F***ing World

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The End Of The F***ing World (Netflix) 

Next up, we have End of the F***ing World. Yes, that is spelled right. This dark teen comedy follows two teenagers - one who simply wants to get away in life and the other who thinks he’s a psychopath. What happens when these two teenagers go on an adventure that will surely change their lives forever? Craziness. 

The End of the F***ing World is hilarious in all the right ways. From its opening scenes to the continued story, the chemistry that the lead actors have often reminds me of the actors on Euphoria. However, what really makes this a great pick for fans of Euphoria is that while the show is primarily a comedy, it doesn’t shy away from tackling tough storylines very early on in the show, including mental illness, sexual assault, and so much more. It’s a great series that deserved more seasons. 

Stream The End of the F***ing World on Netflix.

Otis Maeve Eric in Sex Education.

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Sex Education (Netflix) 

Oh boy, is this a good one. Sex Education is a popular Netflix series that follows teens who are learning all about sex, specifically focusing on Otis, who’s a bit awkward. Despite never having done the deed himself, Otis decides to do something crazy to become popular - set up a sex advice clinic at his school, because he's gotten good guidance from his sex therapist mom. 

Sex Education is wonderful from head to toe. If you like Euphoria for the number of different characters with interesting personalities, then the Sex Education cast will please you. Every single person in this show has their own story that’s fleshed out over the course of the series, which truly makes this a TV show to remember, along with some truly hilarious moments. 

Stream Sex Education on Netflix.

Seth Rogen and James Franco in Freaks and Gifts.

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Freaks And Geeks (Paramount+) 

I’ll never forgive NBC for canceling this show after one season. Freaks and Geeks is your typical high school drama, following the lives of regular teenagers in 1980 as they grow up and learn to deal with problems that they never faced before. 

Does Freaks and Geeks go as dark as Euphoria? Absolutely not. But let me tell you, no matter what generation you're from, everyone has gone through what these kids are going through, from body changes to learning to adapt to different circumstances. In my opinion, Freaks and Geeks walked so Euphoria could run.

It’s not as intense as Euphoria can get, but it’s still a show that anyone can relate to. Plus, the Freaks and Geeks cast truly has some Hollywood royalty on there that I’m sure you’ll recognize almost instantly, like Seth Rogen and Linda Cardellini. 

Stream Freaks and Geeks on Paramount+.

On My Block's Core Four speaking with Lil' Ricky

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On My Block (Netflix) 

Last but not least, we have On My Block. This Netflix original takes place in South Central Los Angeles and tells the story of four kids who are entering high school as the best of friends. Over time, some of them start to join other groups, cliques, or have problems, changing their lives forever. 

I think what I like about On My Block in comparison to Euphoria is that both tackle serious situations. Euphoria more or less focuses on how a teen can be self-destructive and push people away, while On My Block deals with a sensitive issue that Euphoria doesn’t dive into as much - how living in a violent neighborhood can change you and make you grow up quicker, and how that can affect your whole life. 

Stream On My Block on Netflix.

With all these amazing shows, it might be hard to pick just one once you’re done with Euphoria. But, you can bet no matter what you pick, it’ll certainly be worth the time to watch. Happy binging!

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