How Walker Could Be Setting Up Lindsey Morgan's Departure As Micki

Warning! The following contains some spoilers for the Walker Season 2, Episode 2 episode “The One That Got Away.” Read at your own risk!

Micki’s undercover operation went sideways in the second episode of Walker Season 2. After a tense episode in which the villains didn’t only get away, but Cordell Walker nearly got a bullet to the back, one has to wonder what’s up with Micki. She was off in a bad way mentally at the end, which makes me curious if this could be The CW series preparing for Lindsey Morgan’s upcoming departure

Micki’s deep-cover operation was tough enough when she had to spend a prolonged amount of time away from her boyfriend, Trey. Things got even more complicated when an old flame, Garrison, was somehow tied up with the target she’s been undercover for, Serrano

Garrison immediately recognized Micki, and while he vouched for her to Serrano, confessed when the two were in private that he knew the truth. Garrison knew Micki was in deep cover and a Texas Ranger. Garrison wasn’t there to rat her out to Serrano but rather ask her for an out and maybe rekindle their long-forgotten romance that almost resulted in marriage along the way. 

Micki in Walker

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To make an hour-long story short, Garrison lied to Micki. He knew she was a Ranger, but so did Serrano. Garrison’s capture and attempted deal with the Rangers to bring in Serrano was all a big plan to make a move against the Rangers and, apparently, kill Walker. Garrison tried to snipe Walker (hopefully Jared Padalecki’s kids didn’t see) before he was stopped by Micki. After a brief scuffle, Garrison fell to his death, and Micki was devastated by his death regardless of betrayal. Walker later found her in a park drinking alone and decided to keep her company. 

The Rangers arrested Serrano, which ended Micki’s time undercover. Walker fans may guess dropping out of undercover won’t be easy for her, and they’re right based on what’s teased in the episode descriptions for the next couple of weeks. In next week’s episode, “Barn Burner,” Micki will try to reconcile with Trey and probably still wrestle with feelings of losing Garrison. Then, in the following week’s “It’s Not What You Think,” Micki will still be wrestling with the ramifications of her time undercover. 

Walker certainly has Micki set on an interesting arc in Season 2, and given the recent announcement that actress Lindsey Morgan is leaving the series, this could be how The CW series writes the character out. Given the nature of Morgan’s exit and the network’s supportive reaction, it’s certainly possible Micki could return down the line, be it as a series regular or a guest star. Morgan cited personal reasons for her exit, so it’s hard to say what her willingness to return will be in future seasons. At this point, fans can only speculate about what happens for Walker to say goodbye.

Micki is still on Walker Season 2 for now, so catch her episodes on The CW on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out for her character, though I’m also pretty invested in how this whole chili cook-off shakes out next week. I just have a feeling Cordell can make a mean chili.

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