As Gilmore Girls Celebrates 21st Anniversary, Jared Padalecki Has Funny Apologies For Fans

gilmore girls dean jared padalecki
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I’m sure that there were lots of cool things on TV 21 years ago, but it was a very special time for television fans who love witty, fast-paced, pop culture-focused dialogue, great friendships, and complex family relationships. This is because, over two decades ago, The WB gifted us with the debut of Gilmore Girls. The family dramedy helped launch the careers of several actors, one of whom is Walker star (and Supernatural legend) Jared Padalecki. And, now that the show is celebrating its 21st anniversary, Padalecki is offering some pretty funny apologies to fans.

As you must be aware of by now, even if you weren’t an ardent Gilmore Girls fan, Jared Padalecki first came to prominence by playing Rory Gilmore’s first boyfriend, Dean Forester, on the show. It was one of the first screen credits for the young actor, and Padalecki has now taken to Twitter to celebrate by offering this humorous apology to his long-time fans:

Sorry about the teeth… And the forehead… (“five”-head?..?) Glad I grew into those.

I have to say, folks. I’m totally confused, and I bet some of you are, as well. I mean, what is he talking about? At no point in time, during my many viewings of early Gilmore Girls episodes did it ever seem like Padalecki (and Dean, by extension) had, in his possession, either teeth or a head that needed to be grown into. I’m right, right?

gilmore girls dean jared padalecki

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Oh. Um. Well...NO. You know what, Mr. Padalecki? You will not convince me that this photo is that bad! Sure, you look a little unsure of yourself, but that’s just because you’re untested. We all were at this age, man. You’re working a nice, early aughts, semi-bang with your hair here (likely because of your five-head fears) and even though you seem kinda nervous, you look like a nice boy. And Dean was a nice boy (for the most part)! So, this totally fits what we needed to see from Dean, and you, sir, back in the great year that was 2000. OK?!

This idea is probably best served by reminding people of the great Gilmore Girls debate which still rages to this day, a whopping 14 years after the show wrapped its original run. I am, of course, referring to which of Rory’s boyfriends was the best, Dean, Jess, or Logan (pssst...It’s definitely not Logan). Part of the reason, I’m sure, that so many people are still Team Dean has to be that they found him dreamy in all sorts of ways, including finding love in their hearts for two bright rows of chompers and a forehead that can accommodate a man-bang.

While it does seem wacky that Padalecki could look back at himself on the show and find the need to apologize, even jokingly, for such perceived flaws, it does make sense. Who among us has not looked back at an old picture of ourselves and bemoaned at least one physical aspect of our former selves? The effect must be even greater when you can look back on a professionally filmed, walking, talking version of yourself. 

Basically, I can’t imagine that there are many Gilmore Girls fans, even those who are still Team Jess, who would seriously knock either of the things Jared Padalecki apologized for. But, if he’d like to offer his regrets for helping to lead Rory down the undesirable, rule-breaking path that eventually led to Logan? That, I’d be on board with.

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