Jared Padalecki Posts Sweet Photo With Sons Watching Walker’s Season 2 Premiere

Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker in Walker
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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Walker Season 2 premiere, “They Started It.” Read at your own risk!

The CW has premiered Season 2 of Walker, which meant Jared Padalecki fans far and wide got to see their favorite ranger stumbling through awkward reunions in a cowboy hat. Padalecki was also one of the viewers tuning in for the premiere, and he had some guests along for the ride of his watch party: sons Thomas and Austin

While fans watched Cordell Walker lose a friendly foot race and Micki get so deep undercover it can’t possibly end well for her, Jared Padalecki tweeted all throughout the premiere with his kids right by his side. Check out the photo below, and note that Padalecki (whose wife and daughter aren’t in the photo) is rocking a cowboy hat in primetime, I’m assuming for this special premiere.

That’s a happy-looking family right there, which is understandable given what fun the Walker Season 2 premiere was. Cordell didn’t get into much action during the premiere, but his character did reconvene with an old neighbor from his past, Denise Davidson, who moved right back in next door to the Walker family. Walker was anything but calm, cool, and collected during the episode, which could be a clue there are some feelings that could develop and deepen later in the season. It’s not the best idea, obviously, considering Denise is married, and there’s also some weird tension with Liam as well? Not sure where this situation is headed 

As mentioned earlier, it was Micki who got tied up in the most drama of the premiere. She’s in deep cover to the point that her boyfriend Trey hasn’t seen her in a month. She’s trying to get an introduction with Serrano, the leader of a crime syndicate. Her criminal partner Spider offers to make an introduction happen, and a short while later, he is thrown from the top of the building onto the car he and Micki stole earlier. Probably a little extreme for Jared Padalecki’s children, but in truth, the rest of the premiere was pretty tame outside of that. 

As for other notable moments of the Season 2 premiere, Micki ran into an unnamed person from her past who’s in with Serrano, and the Walker family is still under surveillance. There’s also some incident of a house fire between Cordell and Denise’s family from the past and a tease that Walker will revisit it down the stretch. Obviously, Jared Padalecki is along for the die, but I am curious about what his sons thought about the episode. Perhaps they can start giving some reviews on Twitter after the episodes since they missed out on Supernatural? I mean, as long as they don’t put me out of a job. 

Walker airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 2 is already off to a promising start, though I wonder how long until things go terribly wrong for Micki now that she’s seemingly in with Serrano.

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