Impractical Jokers' Brian Quinn Talks Filming New Episodes As A Trio Following Joe Gatto Exit

TV bromances aren't uncommon (just ask Blake Shelton and Adam Levine), and the relationship between the four funny friends on Impractical Jokers is one aspect of the show that really enhances the comedy. The long-running truTV reality show is losing founding member Joe Gatto, though. With this, his buddy and co-star, Brian Quinn, is now talking about filming and continuing the show without him.

Brian Quinn got candid on the matter during an episode of the podcast he co-hosts, Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. Quinn revealed the thought process that he and the remaining jokesters had when contemplating whether or not to continue the show without Joe Gatto. He also weighed the pros and cons of continuing the show without “a comedic powerhouse” like Joe Gatto. Here's what he had to say exactly:

We're back to work and we're finding, you know, initially we didn't even know is this even worth doing without Joe? But you just look at it and you're like, 'Yeah, I wanna keep doing it.' I don’t want to not do it just because... If I left the show, I wouldn’t want the guys to stop just because I left. And look, fuck, man, there are so many negatives to Joe not being there. We’re losing a comedic powerhouse and stuff. But there's nothing we can do, I guess, than just accept it is what it is, and give ourselves permission to have fun. Once I got through that feeling, it's been a fucking blast.

Impractical Jokers has been consistently pumping out content for nine seasons over 10 years, including a number of spinoffs and a feature-length film featuring the four founding members. Joe Gatto revealed his departure from the show this past New Year's Eve, citing changing circumstances within his personal life as the reason. His exit will obviously mark the end of an era and, now that the show is continuing, the remaining stars will have to adapt to his absence.

On the same podcast episode, Brian Quinn talked about how “weird” it is doing the improv comedy show without their colleague. Based on his comments, it sounds like making the transition has been an interesting experience. This is what he says, exactly:

It's almost like a new show now. Isn't that weird? He was so instrumental behind the scenes, and that’s just gone now, so it's like this new vacuum that you can only fill in parts of here and there and everywhere. But dude, this show, it's gonna be a bit weirder going forward. I'm able to get a little bit more of my shit in.

If Joe Gatto’s exit from Impractical Jokers came as a surprise to fans, apparently it was a sentiment that was shared by his friends from the show, or at least Brian Quinn. The guys have seemingly remained friends, and fans are probably thankful that Gatto’s departure did not come from any ill-will among the cast and crew. Though episodes having been inexplicably removed from streaming following the development. Quinn, without diving into any particulars, spoke about his shock, saying:

The only thing I’ll say that’s new information is I was fucking shocked when I found out too. I didn’t necessarily see that coming. He’s a friend, and I’m not gonna talk about his personal life, which is clearly where he’s gone to dwell now. It is what it is.

While fans of the comedian may be disappointed that they won't see Joe Gatto (as a regular) in future Impractical Jokers episodes, they can take a little comfort in knowing that the show is still moving along. There's currently no announced release date for the 10th Season of Impractical Jokers, but it sounds like it’s in production. This could mean that it will (hopefully) be released sometime in 2022. If you’re a fan of the show and it’s killer inside jokes, check out other comedic TV series you can stream at home. And be sure to check out CinemaBlend's 2022 winter and spring TV schedule for more on other returning shows.

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