In Chat With Sex Therapist, Nick Cannon Explains Why He Doesn't Judge Women With As Many Babies As He Has

Nick Cannon on Nick Cannon before its cancellation.
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On the last count, Nick Cannon is welcoming what will be his ninth child later this year. He's expecting along with Abby De La Rosa, who he had already conceived twins with in 2021. This is on top of Baby #8 with Bre Tiesi reportedly being due any day now. The ever-complicated scenario has invited no shortage of criticism and comments at the actor’s expense. However, in a recent chat with a sex therapist, Cannon explained why there’s no judgment on his end, particularly when it comes to dating women with just as many babies as he has.

The Masked Singer host sat down for a live virtual discussion with renowned sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson and R&B duo Dvsn about “open monogamy.” Essentially, the term refers to relationships that are committed but fluid, with the right boundaries and honesty. Nick Cannon had his own take on the concept. When asked if a women having numerous children was a deal breaker for him, Cannon was candid that it’s a non-issue. He said:

As much as the world is built on a double standard, I guess because I’m very comfortable with who I am, my lifestyle only merits me to respect someone. I can’t say, ‘Oh, I gotta have it this way and you can’t have it that way.’ I gotta at least attempt to offer up as much understanding as possible. Because then I would just be a hypocrite to the whole thing. Now, am I going to say I like it, or would I choose that? We also don’t really choose who we love or where our emotions take us.

He emphasized that it would be a double standard for him to not be okay with a woman having as many children as he does. (Nick Cannon in fact previously bro’d out with Elon Musk on Twitter for the billionaire’s similarly growing brood.) The 41-year-old added, too, that the heart wants what it wants, when it wants it. He continued, saying:

I’ve been involved with women who have four or five or six children in a household at the same time, and been some of the most lucrative and strong friendships and passionate relationships that I’ve ever had. I would never judge someone based off of the number of children they had.

His reveal about why he won't judge women with multiple children come after some candid comments about monogamy earlier this year, all supposedly stemming from his split with ex-wife Mariah Carey. And in the latest talk with the sex therapist, he shared that “open monogamy” isn’t the precise phrasing that he and his personal therapist subscribe to. Apparently, he lives by the creed of “consensual nonmonogamy." Cannon wanted to make clear that using “monogamy” as is might actually mislead some people. Nevertheless, he also quipped that “to define me is to confine me.”

Likewise, the Wild ‘N Out star remarked that he’s “comfortable” with who he is at present. Which is good because, as mentioned, he has been the subject of a lot of commentary about his personal life, and questions about how he could possibly give all of his kids the attention they require, as well as their respective mothers. 

He defended himself back in June that he is actually very involved in his kids’ lives, saying that he’s more engaged than even “the average adult can be.” This sentiment was echoed by baby #8’s mom, Bre Tiesi, who explained that he makes time for everyone (mostly via his assistant) and “shows up” consistently.

Nick Cannon told the sex therapist that those in his inner circle are “truly understanding” of his lifestyle. In fact, he’s convinced at this point that he was put on this Earth to be a “provider” figure. Abby De La Rosa has claimed that she’s excited that their kids will grow up with many siblings, so maybe he isn’t exaggerating that everyone really is on board with his “open monogamy” or “consensual nonmonogamy."

We await further baby news and the fertile star’s upcoming return to hosting duties on The Masked Singer’s eighth season, which is slated to premiere in the fall on the 2022 TV schedule!

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