One Of Nick Cannon's Parenting Partners Shares How She Feels About Her Kids Having So Many Siblings

Nick Cannon appears on his talk show.
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Nick Cannon has made jokes about “populating the Earth,” as his eighth child is due to be born any minute now, apparently, and it looks like he’s got at least one more on the way. The general public seems fascinated with the actor’s nontraditional lifestyle, including how he’s able to stay involved in all of his children’s lives and provide for the children’s five mothers. It’s an interesting dynamic, to be sure, and Abby De La Rosa opened up about what it means for her children to have so many brothers and sisters.

Abby De La Rosa gave birth to sons Zion and Zillion in June 2021, and is currently expecting a third child, with Nick Cannon rumored to be the father. The baby mama drama between De La Rosa, Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Alyssa Scott and Bre Tiesi seems to be kept to a minimum (except, perhaps, that one incident that prompted an on-air apology). While not a lot is known about the women’s relationship, De La Rosa said on Instagram Stories that she loves that her children are part of a big family. When asked if she was OK with her soon-to-be trio having so many siblings, she responded:

OMG, yesss!! I grew up with such a STRONG sense of FAMILY. I have 14 uncles and aunts and hella cousins.

It’s no surprise that she was asked about her family’s situation during that social media Q&A, and she likely gets more than her share of other people’s opinions about it. Bre Tiesi also opened up recently about getting flak as she prepares to give birth to Nick Cannon’s eighth child. Abby De La Rosa said she doesn’t need to explain herself to anyone, and she can only speak for her own situation, which she maintains is a blessing. In her words:

I’m not looking for anyone to understand or agree with my perspective and I’m not speaking on any other family unit but our own, but for me, my children having so many siblings is so cool to me. It’s a blessing. Children are a blessing in whatever capacity that may be.

Most of Nick Cannon’s children are still very young, but it sounds like Abby De La Rosa plans on the siblings all growing up quite close with each other. Bre Tiesi had a similar outlook when discussing her family’s dynamic recently. She told ET that she doesn’t communicate with the other mothers at this point, but someday she will. Tiesi said:

We just don't necessarily need to at the moment. I think no matter what, the kids are going to be super close.

The subject of siblings, however, might still be a touchy one for Mariah Carey, who shares twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott with her ex-husband. In an interview late in 2021, the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer clapped back at the idea that Nick Cannon’s other children were step-siblings to hers.

I’m sure Nick Cannon’s expanding family will continue to be a topic of interest, at least as long as the former talk show host keeps making those babies. Talk about a reality show I’d tune in for! For now, though, check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what premieres are coming soon.

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