Elon Musk And Nick Cannon Bro'd Out Over Having A Slew Of Babies With Different Women On Twitter

Nick Cannon and Elon Musk
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It’s not uncommon for some people to have larger families than what might be considered the norm, though Nick Cannon and Elon Musk have somewhat “unique” familial situations. The two public figures each not only have a slew of kids but have had them with multiple women, and their respective circumstances have drawn thoughts from many across social media. Musk and Cannon don’t seem to mind any of their detractors, however. In fact, the two actually bro’d out about their large broods on Twitter – resulting in what may be one of the most surprising celebrity exchanges I’ve ever witnessed.

Elon Musk kicked things off when he tweeted about underpopulation in the United States, with the 51-year-old father of 10 claiming that he was doing his part to help combat it. The post garnered plenty of reactions, one of which came from Nick Cannon. The TV personality responded with a brief message of solidarity, which you can see for yourself down below: 

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The 41-year-old Masked Singer host has eight kids himself and a ninth on the way. The former richest person on the planet, in turn, acknowledged the message in a now-deleted tweet. In it, he sent some love to the media mogul and shared additional thoughts on underpopulation

Congrats on your family! We must expand scope and scale of consciousness for civilization to flourish & understand nature of universe. Consciousness resides most strongly in humans, therefore we need more people!

I’m honestly still wrapping my head around the fact that this conversation actually happened as are fans, many of which chimed in with some cheeky posts. Elon Musk and Nick Cannon definitely aren’t two celebrities one might expect to see casually chopping it up on social media. However, anything can happen when people bond over shared life experiences. 

This exchange comes shortly after it was reported that the SpaceX founder welcomed two kids near the end of 2021. According to Insider, the tech giant had twins with Shivon Zillis, a high-ranking exec at Neuralink (one of his companies). Their births came just one month before he and singer Grimes welcomed their second child after son X Æ A-Xii (one of several unusual celebrity baby names). With this, the billionaire has three baby mothers, though that doesn’t quite stack up to his new Twitter pal’s resume.

Nick Cannon had his eight children with five different women and is expecting the ninth with DJ Abby De La Rosa (who’s already the mother of two of his kids). The former talk show host has been very candid about his circumstances, even going as far as to joke about who his favorite baby mama is and dropping a rap about his partners and their kids. In June, he got candid about just how involved he is in his kids’ lives and claimed that he’s “probably engaged throughout my children’s day, more often than the average adult can be.” And while he does have another little one on the way, Cannon has made some vasectomy-related moves so that he doesn’t “populate the Earth completely.” 

I guess we can say, at the very least, that both Nick Cannon and Elon Musk are men of their word and are doing what they can to push back against what they see as underpopulation. Whether their efforts are practical in the long run remains to be seen. But if things get too tough, they can always start up a virtual support group for dads with various kids and baby mamas, right?

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