Insider Talks Rift Between Josh’s Wife Anna And The Rest Of The Duggar Family. Will They Make Amends For Christmas?

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Over the last couple of weeks, varying sources have reported a rift that has allegedly grown between Josh Duggar’s wife Anna and other members of the former 19 Kids and Counting clan. While the rift has allegedly caused some of the Duggar siblings to leave Jim Bob and Michelle’s home, Anna and the kids are still around. So what does that mean for the holidays?

According to a previous report, one of the reasons for conflict within the family has to do with different Duggar family members having different feelings about Josh’s conviction. As you probably already know, Josh was sentenced on charges related to child abuse materials found on a computer where he worked. The eldest Duggar son spent Thanksgiving in jail, and that Duggar holiday looked a little different this year.

According to an Insider who spoke with In Touch, the rift may continue during the holiday season. Anna was said to be none-too-happy about some of the Duggar siblings reacting to the verdict, including Jason, who called his brother’s sentencing fair. Despite that, it seems she may spend time with the family matriarch and patriarch. 

There has been a family divide since Josh was convicted, but she may see Jim Bob and Michelle in Arkansas for Christmas. She’s not ready to see everyone, but the kids miss their cousins and Anna’s priority is making sure her seven children have a wonderful holiday.

The insider went on to mention Anna has seen some of the comments Josh’s siblings have made as “a betrayal” and previous reports have mentioned she’s not been “pleasant to be around” if you don’t think Josh Duggar is innocent. (The former reality star is currently trying to appeal.)

Why A Holiday Rift Would Be Particularly Notable For The Duggars

The Duggar family is known for large holiday get togethers. Various family members, including Jessa Seewald’s YouTube, have documented these family events, including everything from Christmas pageants (thanks Counting On) to the opening of presents. Missing a major moment like this would have been a huge deal in previous years, though of course some of the Duggars are more scattered now, including Jinger Vuolo, who lives with her family in Los Angles. 

Of course, the last few years Josh has also been missing from these events.

If all of this is true, it does sound like the holidays could be a little tense this season, or perhaps a little more intimate. In fact, Jill Duggar and other members of the family have already given us some glimpses at what their family holiday setups look like, with Jill and Derick particularly mentioning being thankful for their “rainbow baby.” 

Jinger and her family also recently drove around to check out Christmas light displays, as she shared on Instagram. So, as the 19 kids from 19 Kids continue to grow their families, there may be some element of holiday traditions changing in the short or long-term. 

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar will still be in prison through all of this, but allegedly will get a holiday gift filled with “consumables” along with other inmates. 

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