It's Official: Dexter's Revival Is Over, But It's Not All Bad News

Michael C. Hall in Dexter: New Blood
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Dexter was critically acclaimed for much of its original run on Showtime, but the widely-panned series finale meant that the New Blood continuation in 2021 could fix what many saw as a disappointing ending for Michael C. Hall’s iconic character. While Dexter: New Blood was a hit for the premium cable channel, the revival is officially dead… although there is a silver lining. 

Despite a second season previously entering development, TVLine reports that Showtime is not moving forward on more of Dexter: New Blood after all. Season 2 was expected to center on Jack Alcott’s Harrison in the wake of his father’s death in the Season 1 finale. It would have been a major departure for the franchise, with Dexter himself dead after being killed by his son for murdering somebody who was not guilty of any crime. 

Of course, the ratings average of 8 million viewers per week meant that New Blood continuing without Dexter himself wasn’t out of the question, so fans hoping for Season 2 got some disappointing news. There is a silver lining, however, as the world of Dexter Morgan isn’t necessarily done being explored. 

Showtime is reportedly considering several different ways to continue the world that was built over eight seasons of the original Dexter series (which ran from 2006 - 2013) and ten episodes of the New Blood continuation. One of the potential new shows would be a prequel that focuses on Dexter in his younger days. Showtime has not yet commented at the time of writing, although a prequel could mean that any plans to bring back The Good Lord Bird’s Jack Alcott won’t happen, as well as the full Dexter: New Blood cast

Similarly, if a prequel does happen, then Michael C. Hall presumably would not be reprising his iconic role as Dexter Morgan. That’s not to say that it’s unfathomable that he would be involved somehow, especially if the spinoff were to follow the same format as The Winchesters over on The CW. 

Admittedly, Dexter and The Winchesters are about as different as can be (and Showtime is very different from The CW), but the Supernatural prequel involves a character who was dead by the end of the original run. Why couldn't a Dexter prequel do the same? That said, nothing is guaranteed about a future for Dexter (or The Winchesters, for that matter) in light of the latest news and the explosive finale

Whether or not Showtime revisits the world of Dexter Morgan, fans can go on a blast to the past to the early days of the series and the 2021 revival. Although the two shows are not available with the Paramount Plus subscription that offers shows like the FBIs and Star Trek installments, the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle offers every episode of Dexter and Dexter: New Blood.

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