Jack Dylan Grazer Was Supposed To Star In Euphoria, Explains Why He’s ‘Glad’ He Passed On It To Do Shazam!

Jack Dylan Grazer in Shazam!
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Shazam! and Euphoria are two projects I have never thought about at the same time, because they couldn’t be more different. However, both have become major parts of the zeitgeist and had great impacts on audiences. Turns out, Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Freddy Freeman in Shazam! and its sequel Fury of the Gods, actually had to pick between the two projects. He ended up turning down a role in Euphoria so he could join the DC universe, and he explained why he’s “glad” he passed on the hit HBO drama. 

While talking about how Jack Dylan Grazer auditioned for and didn’t get parts in projects like Mid90s and City on Fire, he also brought up a role that he had secured but then had to step away from. The young actor went into detail about almost being Ashtray on Euphoria, but then passed on it because of Shazam! on the Zach Sang Show, saying:

I was supposed to do Euphoria. I was supposed to do that Ashtray on Euphoria. I didn’t do it because I did Shazam, and I’m so glad about that.

It’s really wild to think that Ashtray was almost played by Jack Dylan Grazer, because Javon Walton is that character in my mind, and Grazer is Freddy. The Shazam! star went on to explain why he was glad he turned down the offer to join the Euphoria cast, saying: 

I’m so glad because he died, or didn’t he die? So I don’t want it. Freddie Freeman will never die! If he dies, dude, I’ll be pissed. If Freddie Freeman dies, then I’ll be like, ‘Should’ve [done] Euphoria,’ and then I’ll regret everything.

He’s right, sort of, Ashtray does seemingly die in Season 2 of Euphoria. To recap: Walton’s character and Fez were caught by the FBI in the finale. There is a shootout in the apartment, and Ash ends up with a red dot on his head, the camera turns away and we hear a gunshot. So, while it seems safe to assume he’s no longer alive, Ashtray’s survival is one of the biggest questions about Euphoria’s second season

Javon Walton as Ashtray on Euphoria

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One character who is 100% not dead though is Freddy Freeman. Grazer went on to talk about how much he loves Shazam!, and how badly he wanted to be in the DC universe. The young actor even said he grew up with DC, and that Batman was his “favorite dude” growing up. It also seems like the It star has a blast making these movies and loves his castmates. Also, he’s also perfect for Freddy, if you watch one interview with Jack Dylan Grazer that point will become abundantly clear because they are both lovable, chatty, funny guys. 

It seems like everything worked out the way it was supposed to regarding Jack Dylan Grazer picking between Shazam! and Euphoria. While Javon Walton is the perfect person to play Ashtray, Grazer has gone on to prove he is one of the hilarious scene-stealers of the Shazam! movies. Not to mention, “Freddie Freeman will never die,” according to the actor, so the decision to go with the DC movie gave him a character that has lasted longer (as far as we know), and there will always be a chance for him to reprise the role in upcoming DC projects

You can see Jack Dylan Grazer return as Freddy Shazam! Fury of the Gods when the movie hits theaters on March 15, you can also check out his performance in the first Shazam! as well as Walton’s performance in Euphoria with an HBO Max subscription.   

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