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Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Have A Fun Exchange After Friends Star One-Ups Her With Naked Shower Post

Back on Season 7 of Friends, in “The One With Monica’s Thunder,” Monica accused Rachel of stealing her thunder by kissing Ross on the same night that she and Chandler got engaged. Well, fast forward to present day, and the Rachel actress is getting a taste of her own medicine. Jennifer Aniston posted a pic of herself in the shower in promotion of her haircare line, which led to an amusing exchange between her and David Schwimmer, when her on-screen “lobster” attempted to one-up her with his own bathroom-centric post.

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on the classic NBC sitcom, took to Instagram to promote her LolaVie products with a steamy photo of herself rinsing shampoo out of her hair. Check out her post below:

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While her Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow (the latest victim/perpetrator of the “rude celebrities” trend) showed her support via the simple comment, “Ohh,” David Schwimmer drew attention to it by responding in kind with his own lather-licious shower post. Responding to Jennifer Aniston's tease in her caption, “Something’s coming 9.8.22,” Schwimmer channeled his inner Ross Gellar and hilariously replied on his own Instagram, “a towel I hope??” as he appeared to be struggling with a face full of soap:

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These dueling shower pics are giving this Friends fan life! It’s so much fun to see that the actors are still friends in real life, regardless of the sitcom ending nearly two decades ago, and I love that they’re so supportive of each other’s projects. (Not a euphamism, I don't think.) 

Jennifer Aniston, however, joked that David Schwimmer wasn’t helping with her promotion, but rather drawing attention away from it, as she referenced that old Friends storyline by commenting:

Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!? 🤨❤️

Any die-hard Friends fan can appreciate this callback to Season 7, as well as Season 1’s “The One With the Boobies,” in which multiple shower hijinks ensued. 

In that episode Chandler accidentally saw Rachel naked post-shower. She tried to go “tit for tat,” so to speak, but ended up walking in on a showering Joey, who then burst in on Monica. When Monica tried to retaliate, she got an eyeful of Joey’s dad, and if those characters didn’t start locking the damn bathroom door after that, I just don’t know what to tell you. (Was it possibly this kind of ridiculousness that made Kanye West say Friends wasn’t funny?)

At least Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s latest social media banter was unrelated to the epic and ongoing “We were on a break!” argument, and it was decidedly less creepy than when Courteney Cox experimented with the Friends face filter on her own social media. 

It’s unlikely all six actors will come together again after last year’s Friends: The Reunion, so these fun little social media exchanges will have to satisfy fans who still can’t get enough of the beloved sitcom. But we can always rewatch all 10 seasons, including the reunion special, on streaming with a subscription to HBO Max

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