Would Courteney Cox Do Another Friends Reunion? Here’s What She Says

Monica Gellar on Friends.
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One of the great blessings of 2021 came when the cast of Friends finally reunited on our screens to reminisce and answer questions about the epic ‘90s sitcom. Friends: The Reunion was 17 years in the making, as fans wanted more of the six Central Perk patrons pretty much immediately after the series’ 10th and final season wrapped in 2004. So what do you say we make this reunion a regular occurrence? Get the band back together more than once every couple of decades? Courteney Cox recently gave her opinion on the possibility. 

Courteney Cox played Monica Gellar on Friends, and became known for her obsessive cleanliness and shrill catch phrase, “I know!” What Cox doesn’t know, however, is whether or not the friends ever will reunite on-screen again, and apparently it’s not something she’s been asked about since Friends: The Reunion hit HBO Max. While promoting the new Scream movie on the British morning show Lorraine, Cox said maybe the 2021 special gave fans all they needed.  

Oh I didn’t even think about that. No one asks anymore. I think they got their fill. I mean, we can’t do another one, we’ll be too old.

That is definitely not the answer this Friends fanatic wanted to hear. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I could never get my fill. Take, for example, whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break. It’s been nearly 25 years since Ross started pleading his case, and viewers are still passionately defending both sides of that argument. The Friends loyal could simply never have too much.

I’m not even sure what Courteney Cox means by the suggestion that they’d be too old for another reunion. In my admittedly biased opinion, the cast will likely continue to get sweeter and funnier as time goes on, and I’m pitching it now: “The One Where They All Turn 90.” It is surprising that Cox hadn’t been asked about the possibility of another reunion, after fans clamored for more than a decade to get the first one. Perhaps viewers don’t want to push their luck or are simply basking in relief that we finally got one.

Friends: The Reunion reunited Courteney Cox with David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, who hadn’t been all together on screen since “The Last One.” The reunion featured appearances by some of the sitcom’s many A-list guest stars, including Reese Witherspoon and Tom Selleck, as well as fan favorite recurring stars like James Michael Tyler, who died shortly after in October 2021, and Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles, who played Ross and Monica’s parents.

The reunion featured some truly great moments, such as a fashion show, Lisa Kudrow dueting with Lady Gaga for a performance of “Smelly Cat,” an emotional return to the famous set and the reveal that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had real-life crushes on each other back in the day.

Hopefully Courteney Cox will reconsider the possibility of rejoining her former castmates again sometime in the future. Never say never, right? Until then, all 10 seasons of Friends, as well as Friends: The Reunion are available for streaming on HBO Max. Check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are coming soon. 

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