Courteney Cox Tested Viral Friends Filter, And The Results Are More Haunting Than Janice’s Laugh

Courteney Cox as Monica Gellar.
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The world of social media filters has come a long way since the days of simply changing a photo’s tone or giving someone cat whiskers. These days you can really go down a rabbit hole of different animated scenarios. Some are admittedly kind of cool, but more than a few could be described as truly disturbing. A new Friends face filter that’s going viral definitely falls into the latter category, and after seeing Courteney Cox test drive the filters of her iconic character’s face — as well as those of her five co-stars —  let’s just say Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance isn’t the only thing scaring the bejesus out of me.

Courteney Cox posted a video on Instagram trying out each of the six Friends filters — including, of course, Monica — and giving her opinion of her friends’ likenesses. What was the verdict? Well, if Janice’s laugh was enough to make Chandler's balls jump back up inside his body, just wait until he sees his wife’s face morphed with his own. That is the “If They Mated” that nobody needed to see! Check out the terrifying post below:

“I’ll be there for you” sounds more like a threat all of a sudden than anything that will bring me any kind of nostalgic comfort. Y’all, that is just not right. They’re doing my Friends dirty! 

The Ross filter was straight out of a horror movie. Courteney Cox noted that the Joey filter looked pretty good with her earrings, and she gave a solid “How you doin’?” But the filters for Rachel, Monica and Phoebe were indistinguishable. It’s not a good sign when the actress who played the character can’t even find her own face in the filters. Cox playfully slammed the app as being “one of the worst”:

Hello! Who is that? Is that Monica? Not sure. Rachel? I have no idea. This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen, but okay.

Hasn’t Courteney Cox been haunted enough? The Shining Vale actress noted that the Chandler filter looks like he has rosacea, and honestly, why is his face so much pinker than the other five characters? Matthew Perry should dedicate a whole chapter of his upcoming tell-all book to the injustice that filter did to his face! 

In the end it seemed like the app started to drain Courteney Cox of her self-confidence, as she continued to wonder which was the Monica filter. She went back to the one that was most likely her, much to her displeasure, given the shape of its mouth. She said:

This is the worst mouth of anyone. So it’s not Jennifer [Aniston], or Rachel, because she’s got a gorgeous mouth. Is this me? I feel terrible about myself.

Well I’d say the filter was all in good fun, but honestly I might have nightmares about Courteney Cox-as-Ross. I hope these images aren’t used as inspiration, should Friends ever be rebooted as a drama. If you need to go rewatch some classic episodes to scrub that terrifying video from your mind, all 10 seasons of Friends, including Friends: The Reunion, are available for streaming with an HBO Max subscription. Also be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what new and returning shows are premiering soon.

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