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Jim Bob Duggar's Sister Opened Up About Lies She Was Told, Then Deleted The Post

There are myriad Duggars in the limelight and while we often hear about Duggar patriarch Jim Bob, his wife Michelle and their 19 kids, spouses and grandchildren, there are some extended Duggar family members who occasionally pop into the limelight. This includes Cousin Amy Duggar King and her mother Deanna, the sister of Jim Bob Duggar. Recently, the TV personality’s sibling opened up about the “completely” different story she was told in regards to the family, then deleted the post. 

The original post put the 19 Kids and Counting family on blast, though Deanna remained vague about what specifically she had been lied to about before seeing “the truth” on a local news channel. She later changed her tune and deleted the post, but not before people caught the original text. On Instagram, Deanna had noted: 

I was told a completely different story about a certain family member! I saw the truth on my local news! So sad!!

While it’s unclear if Deanna Duggar was referring to information related to Josh’s trial and subsequent guilty verdict, her brother’s failed run for office or any of the other Duggar legal stuff that has been rolling around, the “family member” note combined with the fact the story would have made the local news made it pretty clear she was writing out about the TLC clan. She later reposted the image on Instagram and clarified a bit more about what she was hinting at, also writing in the comments of the new post:

I have something else to say! No one forced me to take my original post down! I really thought it had been deleted! I will definitely have some comments in April! I just want to say I am not part of IBLP no one is telling me what to do! Yes I was under contract with the network and I did sign a NDA! My Mother even had to sign one! If we wanted out of our contract! Also, in regard to my precious nieces I Love them!

This wouldn’t be the first time outside members of the Duggar family have spoken their minds. In fact, Deanna’s daughter Amy Duggar King has been among the more outspoken of the Duggars in relation to personal matters, even commenting after Jana Duggar’s misdemeanor snafu. Yet Amy Duggar King has also hinted at having signed an NDA as part of an overall TLC deal, which her mother seems to be confirming here. 

In fact, Deanna herself noted she’s usually more vocal “on Facebook” and said she only changed the Instagram post because she “decided to make it positive!” and that she thought she had the “freedom” to do that on Instagram. (Which she does, but it’s also a popular platform, so I’m not surprised people noticed.)

While Jim Bob and Deanna grew up together – reportedly living in a log cabin style home as kids! – the two don’t live the same lifestyles any longer. Jim Bob is known for his strict rules on modesty and more, whereas Deanna and Amy Duggar King are a little less strict with their rules and beliefs. (Honestly, even some of Jim Bob Duggar’s girls are distancing themselves from his fashion requirements at this point.)

Speaking of distancing, Amy Duggar King also previously spoke out about being estranged from the larger clan, which ties in with these comments her mother has made. But she's said they "doing things different" and that she's "happy for everybody." We'll have to wait and see if her mother writes out about anything else. 

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