Julie Chen Moonves Just Dropped A Cryptic Message About Big Brother Season 24, But What Are The Clues She's Referring To?

Big Brother Season 24 is on the way, but with just two weeks to go until the premiere arrives on CBS, we still know very little about the upcoming season. Fortunately for fans, the network confirmed that the premiere will feature the live move-in process that's been popularized in recent seasons, which could indicate Paramount+ subscribers will have access to the live feeds from the very first night onward. Now, we have another clue (or two), thanks to the series’ host Julie Chen Moonves, although her fairly cryptic picture doesn’t make it immediately obvious what she's trying to clue fans in on.

Julie Chen Moonves uploaded a picture to Instagram that she indicates features some clues that may answer some questions in regards to what’s on the way in Big Brother Season 24. Take a look at the post below, in which Moonves is shown to be staring up at the sky in a nice-looking neighborhood.

As mentioned, it’s not entirely clear what clues viewers should be peeling their eyes for. I do have thoughts about some of what’s going on in this picture, however, and how certain details could somehow potentially hint at what’s coming in the latest season of the CBS reality series. Let’s break down some of the options below and run through some ideas that may or may not have anything to do with this upcoming season. 

The Ponytail Indicates Some Returning Houseguest Or Celebrity

The first thing I noted when looking at the picture was Julie Chen Moonves' ponytail, since it’s almost as though she's intentionally calling attention to it with her pose. It made me wonder if she’s possibly signaling the return of a former Big Brother Houseguest who famously rocked ponytails during their seasons, though I couldn’t begin to immediately guess who that might refer to across the past 23 seasons of cast members. There is speculation online about the hairdo potentially teasing Ariana Grande's involvement, which seems plausible enough due to Moonves' pose, the ponytail, and because the pop star's brother Frankie Grande played in Season 16

All that said, it's definitely worth mentioning that a version of the ponytail is featured in other promotional material released so far, as seen in the very top image, in which she appears to be wearing the same dress. As such, it’s possible that was just a specific look the Big Brother host was rocking when they got all of this content together, and that it has nothing to do with solving mysteries.

Considering how Julie Chen Moonves is staring up into the sky in this picture, could that indicate a sky-related theme? I’d also like to point out that she has her hands on her hips in the style of a superhero, and it's not illogical to think that could play into the theme as well. Of course, Big Brother serves up some a spin on superhero themes every season with the BB Comics competition, so I’m hesitant to assume the producers would base an entire season around such fictional characters. 

My other thought is that the season could include birds in some way, mainly because so much of Season 23’s house had a water theme going on. I know I’m grasping at straws here, but without more direct hints from Julie Chen Moonves, what choice do we have?

It’s Also Possible There’s A Suburban Theme

It’s strange to me that this photo was shot in what is seemingly a random suburban neighborhood, which has me wondering if that will be the theme of Big Brother Season 24. I can definitely see the potential in an idea like that, and Big Brother has definitely adhered to similarly subdued themes in the past. Not everything has to be some over-the-top summer camp layout, or anything necessarily on such a grand scale, and I see a lot of potential in stylizing competitions and powers off of a suburban lifestyle. 

It's also possible that one of the houses behind Julie Chen Moonves is recognizable within the world of pop culture and/or reality TV. At this point, we are only able to speculate, with the hope that more concrete details on Season 24 will arrive in the coming days. 

Big Brother Season 24 will premiere on CBS on Wednesday, July 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in for the live 90-minute premiere and all the fun that will come after via live feeds and future episodes. 

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