Big Brother Just Cleared Up A Detail For The Season 24 Premiere, And It’s Great News

Big Brother Season 24’s premiere date isn’t that far off, and fans have a lot of questions about what to expect in the upcoming season. One thing Paramount+ subscribers and other fans will no longer need to worry about, however, is what’s going on when it comes to the premiere. CBS has confirmed a major detail about the reality series’ return, and it’s some great news.

The latest CBS release regarding Big Brother Season 24 has confirmed that the premiere on Wednesday, July 6 will be a live move-in episode. This means that the audience in the Eastern Time Zone will get to see the Houseguests enter the Big Brother house for the first time. Those living in Pacific Standard Time will watch on a delay, but that’s something that those in PST should be used to be now.

Now that it's known that Big Brother Season 24 will have a live move-in special, we can move on to wondering when the live feeds will turn on after the 90-minute premiere. Even when Big Brother does a live move-in, live feeds often don’t turn on until the West Coast broadcast of the premiere concludes. That creates at least a three-hour gap between the last live look at the Houseguests and the next time they're seen.

Overall, it would be better than waiting for days for the live feeds to turn on like fans did during Celebrity Big Brother Season 3. It’s also worth noting that the live move-in is relatively new to the flagship series and first happened in Season 22. Before that, it was introduced as a feature during the short-lived Paramount+ spinoff Big Brother OTT which offered unprecedented live feeds access. 

The advantage of a live move-in special means that there’s less time that Big Brother fans have to spend connecting the dots on events in the house and the dynamics between Houseguests. The early formation of alliances is often key in understanding a player’s true motives in the game, and of course, any major occurrence between Houseguests can turn the game on a dime. It’s hard to expect the unexpected – or anything at all – when there’s no information being shown for fans to digest!

In the past, Big Brother fans missed showmances and other key details that occurred in the time gap between entering the house and the activation of live feeds, which made things that happened after hard to follow. Hell, that even happens occasionally during regular seasons with how often the feeds go down, but before I go on a tangent about that, let’s just pause on the fact that it’s great thing that a live move-in is officially happening. 

Big Brother Season 24 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, July 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Get excited for the 90-minute live premiere and the premiere of The Challenge: USA afterward.

Mick Joest
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