Big Brother Season 24: 8 Questions We Have While We Wait For The Premiere

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Big Brother Season 24 officially has a premiere date, but with its arrival came very little information about the season. Fans are obviously excited the series will be back on CBS on Wednesday, July 6th, but they might have a few questions about what else to expect from the upcoming season. 

There’s still some time before CBS viewers, and Paramount+ subscribers can enjoy Big Brother Season 24, which means it’s a perfect time to speculate. With that being said, let’s talk about some of the major questions being asked ahead of the upcoming season, and keep our fingers and toes crossed for more answers soon. 

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Will There Be A Live Move-In During The Premiere? 

Big Brother OTT didn’t last long, but its 24/7 feed access was a cool feature many live-feed viewers would want on the main show today. While CBS hasn’t adopted 24/7 feeds on the flagship show, Season 22 and 23 both featured a live move-in special, which was very exciting for a couple of reasons. Fans got to see the first impressions Houseguests had of each other without the editing team stepping in. They also got to see the feeds turn on shortly after and see which folks forged an alliance from the start, and how that developed in the upcoming days. Right now, it’s still up in the air if Season 24 will feature a live move-in, but we may know more closer to the premiere. 

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What Will The Theme Be? 

Themes are always a big part of Big Brother and largely determine the aesthetic of the season and its challenges. Some themes are more memorable than others, of course, but it’s always a big part of the fun when it comes to challenges, competition outfits, and the look of the house. Season 24’s theme is still unknown at this point, but given the recent casino, beach, and summer camp themes, I think we can effectively rule those out. I’m personally hoping for something that really shakes up the design of the house, and maybe a more uncomfortable Have-Not room after Season 23 took it easy. 

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Will The Teams Twist Return? 

Season 23 of Big Brother was franchise-changing in many ways and managed to flip the script with the unique way it did teams at the start of the game. Guaranteeing immunity to winning teams, as well as additional immunity to others in safety challenges, helped combat the tendency by other players to immediately band together in a majority alliance and pick-off stragglers. The end result saw quieter social players and non-competitive threats make it far deeper in the competition, and the usual types of players to go deep to be sent home. I liked it and wouldn’t be mad if it becomes a permanent part of the series. 

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Which Former Houseguests Will Return To Host Competitions? 

Big Brother Season 24 advertised an all-new cast, so it doesn’t seem likely we’ll see any returning Houseguests enter the game. With that said, it’s fairly common to see some former Houseguests appear to host competitions, which is always a fun treat for fans. The big question is who will be called upon, especially with The Challenge: USA featuring nine alumni from the series (surprisingly no one who competed on The Challenge in the past). I could certainly see something being done to cross-promote between the two shows, though it’d be a bit of a spoiler to feature anyone from the cast as a guest host for a competition. There’s no real easy way to guess who might show up, but I’d bet, at the very least, anyone involved in that series will not appear in Season 24. 

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When Will The Big Brother Season 24 Live Feeds Begin? 

Not every Big Brother fan follows the live feeds, but the ones that do want feed access as early and as often as possible. As such, there are always a lot of questions on premiere night, as some want to know the exact moment the live feeds will begin. The ideal scenario, I believe, is that the season premiere is a live move-in and that the feeds kick on shortly after the conclusion of the premiere on the east coast. Essentially, that’s the earliest time that fans can get access to the feeds, so it’s most preferred. Truthfully though, provided they’re at least live by the conclusion of the west coast premiere, not too many will complain. If the feeds get delayed as long as they were with Celebrity Big Brother Season 3, though, expect to see some very unhappy fans online. 

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Will Season 24 Be Influenced By Big Brother Canada? 

Big Brother airs its own version of the game in many countries across the world, and while there are notable strengths to every iteration, there’s been more eyes in the United States on Big Brother Canada as of late. Most of that is thanks to Paramount+ obtaining the streaming rights to the backlog library of the series, as well as all the buzz for Season 10 of the game. With all of the love for BBCAN out on the internet, I do wonder if the powers that be at Big Brother are taking notes and wondering how they can emulate some of the things that version does so well. As an example, Big Brother Canada did a triple eviction years before the United States, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we see more stuff like that in Season 24. 

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Will The Prize Money Be Increased? 

Big Brother raised its prize money in Season 23 to $750,000, a full $250,000 raise from Season 22. The increase was long overdue considering all that Houseguests go through over the course of roughly three months, but it’s still another $250k short of the $1 million prize money of Survivor and other competition shows. Raising the prize money isn’t a move that necessarily enhances my enjoyment of the game, but for all that contestants go through (even if they are paid beyond that), I think they’ve earned $1 million paydays in 2022. 

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Will Fans Get A Chance To Influence The Game?’

Big Brother doesn’t always give its fans a chance to impact the game in a meaningful way, but when it does, magic can happen. Big Brother Season 24 is another chance for CBS to give some control to the fans and let them create a little chaos or throw a life raft at the Houseguests. I’m not sure what influence I’d like to see in Season 24, but it feels like it has been a while since we’ve had “America’s player” or something of that nature, so maybe that can return? 

As mentioned, Big Brother returns to CBS for Season 24 on Wednesday, July 6th. Be prepared for a summer full of fun, drama, and intrigue, and as always, expect the unexpected. 

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