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Katy Perry's Las Vegas Residency Keeps Getting Weirder With Video Of Giant Singing Turd

Katy Perry performing.
(Image credit: Katy Perry)

Katy Perry has been known to go over-the-top when it comes to performances and her new Las Vegas residency, called "Play," is no exception. Her residency is all about fun and weird, and in a new video, she proves that by having a giant singing turd on stage.

Yes, you read that right. Ahead of the New Year, Perry shared pictures from her residency on Instagram featuring a huge toilet, complemented by huge toilet paper rolls, and a surgical mask. In a video posted to TikTok, Perry is seen singing and dancing on stage with a giant bathtub and soon, a giant turd pops out of the toilet to join her to sing:


♬ original sound - MikeSnedegar

Oddly enough, it makes sense that Katy Perry would have a giant singing turd as part of her show when she has a giant bathroom set. "Play" marks Perry’s first Las Vegas residency, which will run until March 2022. It also marks her first set of live concerts since her Witness Tour in 2018. The singer has always done big productions, and she was bound to do something with spectacle in Vegas. Who would have guessed the singing turd?!

Katy Perry has kept plenty busy over the past year, and not slowing down in 2022. On top of her residency, she's returning to her gig on American Idol. With the upcoming 20th season set to premiere on ABC in February, it will be interesting to see how Perry will juggle between the series and her residency. It’s possible that she’ll be able to help find the next Idol on off-days or if she can’t, it’ll just be Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie sending the hopefuls to Hollywood or crushing their dreams. 

The American Idol judge released her latest album Smile in 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Even though she wasn’t able to tour for the album, it’s nice that she’s able to do a residency in Vegas, which may be even better since those can go above and beyond. With just a few shows in, Perry’s residency is like no other so it will be interesting if she keeps the toilet set for her next tour.

Las Vegas residencies can give artists a bigger stage that doesn’t have to constantly be taken down every night. Fans seem to be enjoying it as much as Katy Perry. If I could book a ticket to Vegas, I would definitely go to it. Perry’s shows look like a good time and with it being Sin City, it’s even better.

I wonder if the giant turd will be a mainstay if Katy Perry expands her residency or if she’ll change it up for new dates. It’s currently unknown but at least for now, if you see Perry in Vegas, don’t be alarmed if you see anything out of the ordinary on stage.

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