Lacey Chabert Shares Lovely Story On The Anniversary Of Her Sister’s Death As Candace Cameron Bure And Hallmark Stars Reach Out

Lacey Chabert dealt with a tough moment during the holidays last year when her sister Wendy unexpectedly passed away. Since then she’s been candid about the milestone moments her family has had to share without Wendy, first over the holidays but also later as the Chabert family tackled their first vacation without her. Over the weekend, it hit the actress that it had been six months without Wendy and she shared her honest feelings about it with the grace and love she’s exhibited throughout the grieving process. Unsurprisingly some Hallmark and former Hallmark stars like Candace Cameron Bure reached out.

Taking to Instagram, Chabert opened up about reaching the six-month anniversary of Wendy’s death. She also shared a story that many people can relate to, that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing whether or not to speak of people who are gone in past or present tense. In this case, it was her daughter who gave her some comfort, as The Wedding Veil star and producer noted on Instagram.

Sometimes wisdom can certainly come with little experience and Lacey Chabert’s daughter Julia certainly showed a slice of this when she told her Mama, ‘No, mom it’s still one of her favorite movies, she’s just up in heaven now,” after the Hallmark star had used the past tense when talking about one of Wendy’s favorite movies. 

After she shared the post, a slew of notable names reached out. Candace Cameron Bure and Chabert are often supportive of one another, and this time the former Hallmark star wrote, “Thank you for sharing this.” (Bure herself has been dealing with the loss of Bob Saget this year.) Other Hallmark stars, including Chabert’s Sweet Carolina co-star Tyler Hynes also reached out, with him sending a slew of heart emojis. 

Fellow murder mysteries stars Holly Robinson Pete and Jill Wagner sent “love” and “prayers,” with the latter also noting that she could “relate” to what the Mean Girls actress is going through. A slew of others also responded to the star's emotional post. 

Lacey Chabert, too was open about how it’s been “crushing” for her to think of Wendy in the past tense. Her sister died unexpectedly in November of last year. She was only in her middle-aged years at the time of her passing, and Chabert was really reeling from what happened. 

She ultimately kept her Hallmark Christmas movie on the air shortly after the news broke, and she later said she’d made the decision because she felt that Wendy would have been OK with it as her “biggest cheerleader.” It's hard to believe six months have passed since, particularly as it’s been clear Wendy’s loss is still profoundly felt within the family. Yet it sounds like like having a little one around to get to the heart of matters has been helpful for Lacey Chabert during this time. 

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