Hallmark's Lacey Chabert Shares Feelings About Missing Her Sister At Christmas Following Her Unexpected Death

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For many, Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year in which those who celebrate get to spend time with family, eat a lot of food and do a variety of jolly Christmas activities. While Lacey Chabert often touts these ideals through her work on Hallmark Christmas movies, this year unexpectedly has a bittersweet tinge for the actress after she lost her sister just a few weeks ago. Now, Chabert has spoken out about her feelings during the holiday season, and missing her sister.

In a post on Instagram, the actress spoke out about all the times she's thought about Wendy in recent days after her sister passed away at the end of November. Details weren’t released at the time, but it was clear from Chabert’s own statements on the matter that her death was a surprise. It’s only been a few weeks, and the Hallmark actress thinks about her constantly, but particularly now that the holidays are here.

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Despite the holidays being a busy time, a slew of Lacey Chabert’s Hallmark family members reached out to her after she shared her post. Five More Minutes star Nikki DeLoach lent support, noting, “Love you, Lacey. Thinking of you and your whole family. Wrapping my arms around you.” Erin Cahill and Alison Sweeney also sent posts with so “much love” for the actress. Former Hallmark star Danica McKellar (who recently defected for another network) also sent love along with an encouraging remark: “So much love to you! She is with you, I just know it.” They weren’t the only people to send love after Chabert shared her post, either.

Chabert’s also been trying to maintain the holiday cheer over the past several weeks, though she admitted previously that the Elf on a Shelf tradition she and her husband David Nehdar normally do for their daughter Julia had a few hiccups when the elves were “a little tired this year” and didn’t shift around every day. Still, she’s keeping to various holiday traditions, including cookies for Santa – even if the holidays feel a little different this year. 

Lacey Chabert shares Christmas cookie fails 2021

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The news about Lacey Chabert’s sister broke right around a big time of the year for Lacy Chabert, as Hallmark was preparing to release her big, splashy holiday movie Christmas at Castle Hart as part of its 2021 holiday movie schedule. Normally, the actress goes all-out for these sorts of premieres, though this time she opted out of the live tweeting. Instead, she did ultimately opt to celebrate her work on the film with her fans, noting it was what Wendy would have wanted. She also mentioned her sister was her “biggest cheerleader.” 

Christmas at Castle Hart went on to be the most popular Hallmark Christmas movie of the year at the time of its release. The film itself was a story about two sisters. 

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