Lost Vet Revealed There Were Plans For A Spinoff That Sounded Nothing Like Lost

the cast of Lost, including Ken Leung, Naveen Andrews, Evangeline Lily
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Before we were addicted Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, ABC’s Lost hooked many between 2004 and 2010. But once the controversial Lost finale aired, no spinoffs or reboots have spawned, which these days is surprising for such a popular property. However, one Lost veteran has shared that there were once plans for another series starring some of the characters, and it would have been a huge departure from the original. 

Ken Leung, who played Miles Straume on Lost from Season 4 to the final sixth season, shared with The Independent about dropped plans to spinoff Lost. When asked about the possible return of Lost, he said this: 

I would love to go back to Hawaii. When I think of Lost, I don’t think of the show as much as I think of Hawaii. But I guess it depends on where they wanted to take it and who was coming back. I know there was an idea being kicked around where Miles and Sawyer [the character played by Josh Holloway] would have a True Detective-style spin-off, but that would be so much its own thing that it wouldn’t feel like continuing Lost. But on the face of it, sure. There’s nothing about Lost where it’s like, ‘I never wanna do that again.’ So yeah, maybe.

As you may recall, Leung’s character of Miles became a good friend to Josh Holloway’s Sawyer long after the character was introduced. And apparently, it was contemplated that those characters return for a True Detective-like series starring Miles and Sawyer, but clearly, it never happened. 

As a mega Lost fan, it’s a fun idea, especially if it was on the island, because there’s a lot of questions that were never answered about the show. However, at the same time – SPOILER ALERT – all the characters die, and it would have been odd (and honestly undercut the finale) if they just showed up a year later alive and well and as buddy detectives. 

But it’s been over a decade now. While this particular spinoff idea feels a bit random nowadays, it’d be intriguing if the creators decided to further explore Lost and its mysterious setting in a new context, or found a way to bring the original cast together, because they were all incredible together. Lost was groundbreaking at the time and really paved the way for dramatic television, but these days the only thing close to it is the NBC-turned-Netflix series Manifest, which has even called out its comparisons

Since wrapping Lost, Ken Leung has gone on to be part of many shows, most notably with The Night Shift and Industry. The actor was also recently part of M. Night Shyamalan's Old cast and he is set to be part of the upcoming live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix series. In the Avatar project, he’ll play Commander Zhao, who is the leader of the Fire Nation Navy and a rival to the franchise’s hero, Aang. It is expected to hit the TV schedule in 2023. 

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