Monday Night Football Video Goes Viral After Analyst Dan Orlovsky (Allegedly) Farted And Sneezed Live

The NFL’s Monday Night Football is often good for hours of entertainment and excitement for sports fans but mainly, because of the events occurring on the field. It’s rare that the commentary team is good for a chuckle though, when it happens, people tend to take notice. That was especially true in this latest instance, in which former quarterback and current NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky allegedly farted and sneezed on live television. 

Dan Orlovsky was in the middle of breaking down the matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans when there was a sudden pause in his speech. What then allegedly followed sounded like Orlovsky sneezing, followed by a quick but rather distinct fart. Listen to the incident in the clip below and relive the moment that quickly started traveling around the Internet after it happened: 

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It’s hard to say what happened with complete certainty, especially since the camera  shifted to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen during the moment in question. When the cameras returned, every analyst in the booth had a solemn look on their face, which made it even harder to distinguish whether or not the feed cut away due to a bodily function or because of something like an audio glitch. 

It initially seemed that Dan Orlovsky provided some confirmation on the situation when the Monday Night Football analyst seemingly made a tweet acknowledging the viral moment. I guess when you’re in Buffalo, the chicken wings are fine, but perhaps one should skip the dip if they’re going on television:

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While that may seem like an admission of guilt, Dan Orlovsky went on to clarify elsewhere that he didn’t actually break wind. In a reply to another Twitter account, Orlovsky mentioned that had he passed gas during a live broadcast, he’d be the first to admit it: 

Lol I wish I did but I didn’t…I’m the most self deprecating human alive I’d say it.

The former quarterback made a convincing point -- or at least one someone might’ve made on a schoolyard back in grade school. It all boils down to the reader deciding whether or not they believe Dan Orlovsky would admit to a sneeze/fart when put on the spot, and if they’d do the same in a similar position. 

Let’s not forget that it took Paul Pierce decades to admit he left the court in a wheelchair during the 2008 NBA Finals because he had to poop. Most people aren’t Tom Holland and, as a result, could have their internet legacy solidified with one errant fart in a very important event like a film premiere, and that does happen (even in court). If he did fart, at least Dan Orlovsky didn’t have to visit the ER for fart complications, something that even happened to a Brazilian pop star

Catch Monday Night Football on, you guessed it, Mondays on ESPN. I wouldn’t expect too many more farts this season and might suggest anyone in search of that might find more luck searching through CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule for a show that might specialize in flatulence.

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