More Bad News For Chrisley Knows Best Stars As Grayson Chrisley Hospitalized Following Accident

The Chrisley family has been facing a number of serious problems over this past year. Back in June, the heads of the household – Todd and Julie Chrisley – were found guilty of tax fraud and other crimes. The two are currently under house arrest and are set to be sentenced this week. Now, in addition to the couple’s legal issues, they’re facing an unforeseen development involving their teenage son, Grayson. Unfortunately, the Chrisley Knows Best star was involved in a serious accident and has since been hospitalized.

While driving his Ford F-150 on I-65 in Nashville this past weekend, Grayson Chrisley reportedly rear-ended another truck. Per TMZ, the 16-year-old reality TV star drove into the back of a Dodge pickup that had apparently stopped amid a flow of halted traffic across the interstate. Chrisley’s car was left totaled in the aftermath of the accident, which reportedly occurred Saturday afternoon. The teen is said to have been rushed to a hospital and, while specifics on his purported injuries have not been confirmed, the news outlet alleges that he may have experienced a head injury, at least. 

That assumption stems from a report from local cops who say that when they approached the young man following the car crash, he couldn’t remember what had happened. The authorities also told TMZ that the driver of the other vehicle was injured as well but did not seek medical attention. As of this writing, no arrests have been made and no citations or charges have been issued. 

For over eight years now, Grayson Chrisley has appeared on his family’s USA Network reality TV show. The media personality was only seven years old when the series premiered in March 2014, and he’s since grown up before viewers’ eyes. Chrisley has also likely endeared himself to many through his jovial personality and his occasional tendency to get wrapped up in some of his siblings’ shenanigans. 

Ahead of his accident, he and his family had been bracing themselves for Julie and Todd Chrisley’s sentencing. While insiders have dropped claims regarding how the large Tennessee-based brood is coping, the two stars at the center of the situation have been speaking out themselves. Todd has admitted to “struggling” with the waiting period while also calling out those who claim to understand their situation. Todd also opened up about how his religious faith has been keeping him going since he and his spouse were found guilty. 

The Chrisleys face up to 30 years in prison and, should they ultimately be convicted, it would have major ramifications on their younger kids, including Grayson. He and the other children could be placed in the care of close relatives in the event that their parents serve a prison stint. That’s something that’s likely weighing on both Todd and Julia’s minds ahead of the sentencing, though one would think that they’re also concerned about their son’s welfare after his car accident. 

Erik Swann
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