NCIS: LA's Daniela Ruah Explains Why CBS Drama Means So Much, While Admitting 'It's Time' To End It

Kensi at construction site in NCIS: Los Angeles
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CBS dropped a shocking bombshell on audiences to kick off 2023 when, following its highly promoted three-series NCIS mega-crossover, the network announced that longtime spinoff drama NCIS: Los Angeles is ending after Season 14, which it’s currently in the midst of airing. Several cast members shared reactions to the career-changing news at the time, and Daniela Ruah pointed out at the time that it would take a while to truly process those feelings and emotions. And while she may not be finished with said process yet, considering there’s still half a season left to go, the actress reflected on why the show means so much, while saying she isn’t exactly mad about making changes.

While promoting CBS’ upcoming special Super Bowl Greatest Commercials: Battle of the Decades, which she’ll once again co-host opposite NFL vet Boomer Esiason, Daniela Ruah told ET that she “isn’t sad” about NCIS: Los Angeles wrapping up, mainly due to the fact that the crime drama has been able to do all the things it needed to with its ensemble after more than a decade on the air. And that her character Kensi and all the rest have been able to build up and support such a massive fanbase has been a huge honor for her. Here’s how Ruah put it:

When you think about the amount of people that approach you and say, 'This show saved my life. This show is what I used to watch with my parent or my grandparent, before they passed away, and I still watch it because it reminds me of them.' It makes it mean the world to you.

Those kinds of comments likely don’t get shared too often when it comes to shows that were only around for a single season or two — at least outside of the most obsession-worthy “cancelled too soon” projects — but NCIS: LA has been a TV staple since 2009, and lasted for nearly an entire generation of viewership. So many changes can happen to a person in 14 years, and as corny as it might sound, television can provide emotional comfort and gratification like few other things. And given the million and millions of viewers who tuned into the NCIS spinoff during its run, Ruah has no doubt charmed way more people than she’d expect. 

I can’t imagine anyone who started watching the CBS drama back when it premiered is experiencing the exact same life at this point, and that certainly includes Ruah and her fellow cast members. But that’s hardly a bad thing, as change is as natural as anything else in the world. To that end, the American-Portuguese actress understands and accepts that it’s time to hang it up, saying:

It’s bittersweet. Like, it’s time to move on creatively, but it's going to be so hard not to be with this family of people, because they are incredible.

With more episodes left to go in this final season, fans no doubt have some hopes for what could and should go down before the finale hits. I doubt another large-scale crossover will happen, but that’d obviously be a killer way to close things out. I’m sure there are more than a few who would love to see Kinsey and Deeks heading up their own spinoff, but that might be difficult considering co-star Eric Christian Olsen now has a full slate of projects in development at CBS. But maybe in a few years, after they start to feel those pangs of missing the NCIS: LA set life.

NCIS: Los Angeles is currently in the midst of a mini-hiatus, but will be back on CBS with new episodes on Sunday, February 19, at 10:00 p.m. ET, and is available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription. Head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows will be making their way to the small screen soon.

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