NCIS: Los Angeles Star Eric Christian Olsen’s New CBS Drama Actually Has A Chicago Fire Connection

Television shows with first responders have been popular with audiences for many decades, but the trend towards series with police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other medical / law enforcement professionals seems to have grown in the past several years. Right now, CBS is the only major broadcast network without such a show, but those behind the channel are looking to change that with a newly in development drama from NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen, which also has a Chicago Fire connection.

As Deadline notes, the proposed series, Rescue: MIA, is executive produced by long-time NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen, and is from a story that was co-written by one of that show’s directors, James Hanlon, who’s also directed episodes of Chicago Fire and ABC’s hit firefighter drama, Station 19. It is written by Juan Carlos Coto, who also has experience with dramatic, first-responder-based procedurals, as an executive producer on Fox’s hit franchise starter 9-1-1, who was also a consulting producer on 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Luckily for fans of CBS’ many other procedurals, it sounds like Rescue: MIA could appeal to not just those who enjoy watching first-responders get their important and frequently dangerous work done, but also those who like to watch yet another popular series on the network: Blue Bloods. According to the description of the possible show, it will follow a well-known first-responder dynasty in Miami, who are committed to working together in order to save locals from a wide variety of disasters and other emergencies, all while their own family secrets begin to spell trouble for the strength of their familial bonds. 

It definitely sounds like, should Rescue: MIA go to series, viewers will have a lot to enjoy with the show. If these kinds of series are your jam, you know that while seeing a number of rescues and tricky situations play out are a big part of them, we also love it when we get into the personal lives of the people who’ve decided to do their part by trying to save the lives of others. And, we also love it when those personal lives are kinda messy, so it appears that Rescue: MIA could be exactly what viewers of other shows like Chicago Fire, 9-1-1, and Station 19 need.

Of course, it makes a lot of sense that Eric Christian Olsen (as well as everyone else he’s working on the potential new show with) would know the kinds of stories that audiences are looking for. He’s been a member of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast since Season 1, with his recurring role as Marty Deeks becoming a regular one in the second season, and one of the most popular parts of the show.

Seeing as how Rescue: MIA is still in the very early stages of development, it could be a while before we hear about casting and whether or not it will end up on the CBS schedule, along with other important information. In the meantime, be sure to see what you can watch on the small screen right now with our 2021 fall TV schedule!

Adrienne Jones
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