Why Station 19 Fans' Jaws Will Drop When Season 5 Starts, According To Carlos Miranda

Theo Ruiz smolders on Station 19

At the end of Station 19’s fourth season, viewers were left with the awkward knowledge that Maya Bishop had been relieved of her duties as fire captain, as she unknowingly danced with new wife Carina. The reveal clarified that the rift between Andy and Sullivan stemmed from his role in Maya’s removal to become the captain himself, throwing (another) huge curveball into their marriage. That alone seems like a pretty good jumping-off point for drama when the series resumes later this month, AND Station 19 actor Carlos Miranda promises Season 5 will be nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Carlos Miranda, who was promoted to a series regular for Station 19 Season 5 as Theo Ruiz, is hyping fans up about what’s to come. While we will see the fallout from Sullivan’s decision to promote himself rather than defend Maya and the actions she took to save a boy’s life, Miranda told ET that fans should be prepared for shock and heartbreak.

It starts off a little tense with how things left off at the wedding last season between Andy and Sullivan, see how they worked things out or not. Andy feels he betrayed her and her friends, so there's a little tension there. There's going to definitely be some shocking things happen, some heartbreak for sure. It's going to be exciting. We're starting off for the first few episodes with a bang for sure. There's going to be some jaw-dropping moments.

On top of whatever drama the Andy/Sullivan/Maya situation brings, what role will Theo play this season? In Season 4 we learned about Theo’s complicated past with fellow firefighter Travis Montgomery, as Theo had made a bad call at the firehouse that ultimately killed Travis’ husband (and Theo’s best friend) Michael. Tensions were heightened when Theo unknowingly started a relationship with Travis’ best friend Vic. With Carlos Miranda’s promotion to series regular, this “three’s a crowd” situation isn’t resolving itself anytime soon, and Miranda said he was excited to be able to explore those stories further.

I'm excited to learn more about Ruiz's background, his upbringing, how did he become a firefighter? Hopefully, we get to dive into some of that this season and get to learn more about that, like with his dad passing away. How did he meet Travis and how did he meet Michael? I'm excited to hopefully flesh that out, and [also] see where Vic and Theo's relationship goes.

There’s no word yet on if showrunner Krista Vernoff will follow in Grey’s Anatomy’s footsteps and bring more joy to the Station 19 crew this season, but Carlos Miranda is optimistic about his character being able to make things work with both Travis and Vic, pointing out that they are all brought together through the loss of loved ones.

I hope [Travis and Theo] can reconcile and become friends again because they were in each other's lives before and clearly they meant a lot to each other. … Vic's been through a lot too and I feel like Theo and Vic connect. They relate to each other in the sense of they both lost someone they love.

Who can blame Carlos Miranda for wanting both Travis and Vic in Theo’s life? That firefighting duo is major BFF goals. Station 19 returns at 8 p.m. ET, Thursday, September 30 on ABC and will be followed by the Season 18 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule to keep up with the premieres of all of your favorite shows.

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