New Amsterdam: Bloom And Leyla Discuss Their Unfinished Business In Emotional New Episode Clip

New Amsterdam ended the latest episode on no fewer than five cliffhangers involving five different characters, but they’re not the only ones facing an uncertain future. Bloom and Leyla’s relationship came to an abrupt end when Leyla found out the price that her girlfriend had paid for her slot in the ED, but there’s definitely no closure there, and now Leyla’s facing possible deportation due to a problem with her visa. In an emotional scene from the next episode – fittingly called “Unfinished Business” – that will air on April 26 (seen above), they address some of the issues lingering over them.

The two women don’t exactly look like they’re out for a nice leisurely stroll on the winter streets of New York City, but Bloom takes their time alone together to get some answers about Leyla’s visa. Unfortunately, Leyla’s time living in her car combined with her case officer changing means that she might be deported, and there’s no pro bono legal aid for her to take advantage of. At the high price of a $10,000 retainer and then $10,000 monthly afterwards for a lawyer, Leyla’s future seems pretty hopeless… unless Bloom agrees to help. 

On the one hand, Bloom did “donate” $90,000 to get Leyla the ED slot at New Amsterdam, so it’s not like she hasn’t been willing to shell out money for her before. Then again, she and Leyla were a couple at the time, and Bloom dishing out the bribe was because she didn’t want them to be separated. Leyla being sent back to Pakistan is a whole lot farther away than a different residency program outside of New York, but will Bloom agree to pay that much money indefinitely for a woman who broke up with her, and it’s not a sure thing to work? 

Bloom has made a lot of questionable decisions over the past season or so, so it’s hard to guess which way she might go. The selfless decision would be to agree to pay for Leyla’s lawyer, but that would complicate a situation that Bloom probably wishes was a lot simpler already. 

And this is on top of whatever has happened to Casey, who she only just reconciled with! If his situation is anything like Helen’s – who was passed out on the floor of her apartment in the final moments of the last episode (which you can revisit streaming with Peacock) – then Bloom might need more than a taco hat to make sure that there’s a future for their friendship. Especially if he – like Castries, who was out in the cold when last seen – isn’t in ideal circumstances. 

All things considered, the stakes are sky-high heading into the second half of this New Amsterdam two-parter. The executive producers have even weighed in on why they got to “blow things up” with this pair of episodes after the plans for the spring premiere had to change. “Unfinished Business” will see the entire team continuing to have to deal with the consequences of their karaoke night gone wrong, which may go better for some than for others. Hopefully all five of the people whose fates are unknown just survive the night! 

Find out with the “Unfinished Business” episode of New Amsterdam on Tuesday, April 26 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Season 4 will come to an end on May 24, so be sure not to miss any new developments in the run up to the finale.

Laura Hurley
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