New Amsterdam's Tyler Labine Previews 'Big Consequences' And 'Explosive Scenes' Ahead

New Amsterdam has made it more than clear by this point that Veronica Fuentes is the foe who needs to be taken down for Max and Co. to take back the hospital, but the characters will also be dealing with obstacles of their own making when Season 4 returns with new episodes. Iggy has been quite literally flirting with disaster ever since making the decision to hire Trevor, and actor Tyler Labine has previewed the kinds of consequences that Iggy will have to deal with as the plot thickens for his character and Trevor (Mike Doyle). 

Iggy hasn’t been the show’s biggest source of relationship drama, since he and Martin have been solid in their marriage even when everything else seemed to be falling apart around them. Unfortunately, Iggy was immediately flattered by Trevor’s attentions from the moment that Trevor interviewed for Gladys’ former position, and the promo for New Amsterdam’s return indicates that things will only get worse. Even showrunner David Schulner teased back in December that Iggy may have made a bad decision

More recently, Tyler Labine spoke with CinemaBlend about Season 4, and had a foreboding comment when I mentioned that I’ve been nervous about Iggy and Martin: “You should be.” He elaborated to preview what’s on the way with Iggy and Martin in light of the Trevor situation:

Yeah, I can tell you that it's not good. I can tell you that it doesn't just go away. There are some big consequences ahead for Iggy. And I know 'Igmar,' Iggy and Martin, is a fairly steady, sturdy presence on the show, but it is going to get tested and rocked. So yeah, it doesn't get better.

Martin’s primary role on New Amsterdam so far has been helping and supporting Iggy, but even he will evidently have a limit when their relationship is “tested and rocked.” The promise of consequences ahead also suggests that Iggy is going to cross a line that hasn’t yet been crossed, although only time will tell just what kind of line that would be. It’s hard to imagine Iggy going so far as to cheat on Martin, but Veronica has turned just about everything upside down, including demoting Iggy. Could he make a bad decision due to all the pressure? 

Only time will tell on that front, but it does sound like Iggy somehow earning himself some “big consequences” will lead to an intriguing story for not only him, but also Martin, with the return of Mike Doyle as his New Amsterdam character. Tyler Labine shared that even though there will be some explosiveness on the way for what was previously one of the show’s most stable relationships, there are some upsides as well: 

The cool thing about that is, is that we've seen Martin be this endlessly supportive partner, you know. Iggy has been all over the map, and Martin has just been such a rock for him. But everybody has a limit. And we finally get to see Martin kind of stand up for himself and say that he needs some things. He's not just there to give Iggy whatever he needs. And it was great, because Mike Doyle is such a fantastic actor, and we've had some really big explosive scenes to shoot together. And I can't wait for people to see that. He's really powerful. So yeah, it's cool.

Iggy may be more of a major character on New Amsterdam compared to Martin, but I think it’s safe to say that some viewers might be on Team Martin depending on whatever Iggy does to finally push Martin to the point of standing up for his own needs. Of course, Iggy has gone through a lot in not a ton of time, including his demotion and the death of Vijay. He has actually handled the demotion well enough so far, as Tyler Labine explained, with more of a focus on Reynolds’ betrayal than his own situation. Based on the promo for when the show returns, however, Iggy may start to spiral. Take a look: 

Unfortunately for fans who are dying to find out what Iggy does (or doesn’t) do with Trevor to earn some consequences from Martin, New Amsterdam is on another mini hiatus from NBC until April, with miniseries The Thing About Pam taking over the 10 p.m. ET time slot on Tuesdays for the next several weeks. 

Still, there are some reassuring reveals about what happens next, including that Helen’s status across the pond doesn’t mean any bad news for Sharpwin, and the final episode before the break delivered a very sweet scene that was also directed by Ryan Eggold. For some viewing options during the wait for New Amsterdam to return to NBC, be sure to take a look at our 2022 TV schedule

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