Nick Cannon Shares Emotional Message After 5-Month-Old Son Dies From Brain Cancer

Nick Cannon is known for being open and honest about many aspects of his life, including his large number of children. Today, though, he took to his talk show with an emotional message about his youngest child, son Zen Scott Cannon, who died over the weekend at only 5-months-old, after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Cannon shared the story of what happened, going back to some of his earliest memories of Zen, and how his son’s trouble began early on.

Those who were in the audience as Nick Cannon sat behind the desk at his syndicated talk show were probably wondering why they saw a slightly less exuberant host than usual, even as he showed an adorable photo of Zen to everyone. The reason was soon clear, as Cannon began to speak about what happened with his youngest child. After thanking all of the medical professionals who cared for Zen, as well as his whole family for being there for him and his son's mother, Alyssa Scott, Cannon said: 

By the time he got to two months...I always noticed he had, like a sinus thing, a cough, and I just wanted to check it out...but he always had this real interesting breathing...I also noticed he had a nice-size head...We thought it would be a routine process. We went in, just to check his sinuses, and they said his sinuses were pretty cool. But, by that time we found out that he had another condition, where it was fluid that was building up in his head, and that was the cause of his head starting to get big. When we found out, it was more of a malignant tumor in his head. Immediately we had to have surgery, we put a shunt in his head, and we were hoping for the best. You know, the shunt is a tube that goes inside and would drain all the fluid out, so his head would be normal and he would be able to function. But, then the doctors were concerned...Thanksgiving, we had an interesting turn, and the tumor began to grow a lot faster, so we knew that time was [short]. So, this weekend, I made a valid effort to spend the most quality time I could with Zen, and we woke up on Sunday, we had a chance to go to the ocean, allowed the sun to rise and held my son. Holding my son for the last was a beautiful setting.

Cannon explained that on Sundays, usually he handles everything he has to with his family, and then flies back to New York as soon as he can, so that he can prepare for his week of shows. He told his audience that, even though he took the time to allow the sun to rise as he held Zen, he was also still mentally “preparing” his “day as it usually went,” and fully planned to head back to New York later. While he admitted that he didn’t know what was going to happen with his son, Cannon said he did begin his typical end-of-weekend journey to the airport, but:

I had to turn around. I turned around, and not only did we get to see the sun rise, but we got to see the sun set, too. I didn’t know how I was going to handle today, but I just really wanted to grieve with my family, the people who love me. I didn’t want to make it about any pageantry or any of that kind of stuff. I kind of went back and forth on what I should do, but I felt like, you go through what you go through. Keep pushing, you know what I mean? I have so much faith in the Lord, and people were often telling me to pray for a miracle and I did. I prayed for the miracle of God’s strength, and that’s why I’m here with you guys today...I’m here to show that I can fight through this. I’m feeling it; I’m vulnerable; I’m open, but I’m going to make it through. This is a special show dedicated to my beautiful son, Zen.

Cannon was able to wrap up his emotional opening comments by smiling through his obvious pain, and did seem committed to being able to move forward, not just with the show, but also with life as he continues to deal with the loss of Zen. 

Our thoughts are with Nick Cannon and his family at this incredibly difficult time.

Adrienne Jones
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