Nick Cannon Shares On-Brand Response After Saweetie Reveals She Wants Kids

Nick Cannon evidently took the adage of being fruitful and multiplying to heart. Cannon went from having three children to being the father of four new babies in less than a year. Cannon had a busy pandemic, to say the least. But The Masked Singer host seemed to be taking a break as he claimed to be celibate for now. So it definitely got people talking when rap star Saweetie revealed she wants to have children on Twitter, giving Cannon the opportunity for a perfectly on-brand response to her message.

The Masked Singer host took to Twitter to give the rap star his input on the matter. Being the father of seven kids, Nick Cannon had to seize on the moment by sending an emoji-filled response. Check out the multi-hyphenate’s reply to see if you can decode his joking (or real) offer to Saweetie below:

It was hard to determine whether Nick Cannon was joking with the rapper or making a real offer to help her with her current dilemma. Of course, Cannon’s history would likely make any person skeptical. He’s already joked a few times about how large his brood is. The Masked Singer host already has two sets of twins. If Saweetie were to take his offer seriously, who knows how many babies they'd end up with? Being fertile hasn’t been one of his weak points.

Nick Cannon got a sizeable amount of backlash from his response to Saweetie’s tweet. When he got wind of the online backlash, he made sure to address it. He spoke about the controversy on The Nick Cannon Show. The Masked Singer host claimed he was just joking in his reply to the rap star, and translated what he was really trying to say with the emojis:  

You gotta take time to break it down. This is what it actually says: take time for making such a big decision. [laughs] That's what I was only trying to say.

Nick Cannon even laughed at his own expense by showing some of his favorite replies. After having some fun, Cannon threw his full support behind the rapper’s interest in starting a family. Saweetie has someone supporting her goal in becoming a mom.

It seems right now Nick Cannon is not ready to break his celibacy promise to have any more kids. The comedian might want to fall back for a while after having become a father three times over in June of this year. He appears to be dedicating himself to spending more time with his current brood before trying to expand his family again. Given how young his seven children are, that’s probably the best option for right now.

While the actor may be enjoying family time right now, he is still busy with the multiple jobs he currently holds right now. You can catch Nick Cannon on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox with The Masked Singer and in syndication with his namesake show.

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