Andy Cohen Is Floored By Nick Cannon's Answer When Asked Which Baby Mama Is His Favorite

While Nick Cannon is always on viewers’ television screens, most of his notoriety, as of late, has been tied to the number of children he’s fathered. Because he's had multiple children within the last year alone, he's become a lightning rod for discussion and online jokes. All the feedback hasn’t deterred Cannon from living his life, though. With the hoopla surrounding Cannon’s growing brood, Real Housewives impresario Andy Cohen had to ask him which baby mama is his favorite. Cannon answered in on-brand fashion, and Cohen was understandably floored.

The whole moment played out while Andy Cohen was a guest on Nick Cannon. Cohen and the titular host decided to play a round of the headline-making segment “Plead the Fifth.” Of course, Cohen knows how to get answers out of stars (as seen on Real Housewives reunions and Bravo’s Watch Want Happens Live). So being a guest on a talk show was no different. It was honestly inevitable that Cohen would bring up Cannon’s baby mothers. But instead of taking the bait, the Wild ‘N Out host was clever with his response:

My favorite baby mama is the next one because some of my past ones could still be my next one. That’s all I’m saying.

Sounds like Nick Cannon’s current vow of celibacy might be over soon. Not long ago, he decided to pause his mission to expand his family. While some might be turned off by his response, at least, the multihyphenate was honest about his stance. He seems to be a man of his word, as Cannon already had a son with one woman in 2017 before they welcomed a daughter in 2020. It appears the comedian wants to keep his options open. To see Cannon chatting it up with his fellow the talk show host, check out their full interview below:

Nick Cannon may indeed already be looking for the next baby mama. He really turned some heads when he tweeted some emojis at rapper Saweetie after she proclaimed that she was ready to start a family of her own. Following some negative responses, Cannon ended up having to clarify that his reply was a joke. Honestly, though, Cannon might be all talk at this time, as he joked with Kevin Hart that having a big family can be taxing.

It's honestly hard to say if the host, actor, producer and comedian seems ready to start expanding his family once again. Though one can't deny that he seems to have the means to keep his kids and baby mamas comfortable. Along with his new talk show, he has a number of other regular gigs under his belt. So things seem secure for another potential child to enter the world.

Nick Cannon is currently airing in syndication, and you can also catch the media personality on The Masked Singer, which airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Fox, and Wild ‘N Out on Tuesdays at 8 pm on VH1.

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