One Survivor 42 Contestant Recalled Their Most Embarrassing Moment, And It Taught Me More About Cows Than I Ever Wanted To Know

Survivor 42's Omar Zaheer in cast photo
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Survivor 42 is on the horizon, premiering in just a few weeks, and there’s a lot riding on the new season. Particularly, I’m wondering whether or not the much-hyped, shiny new twists from 41 carrying over will be equally as confusing once again or more understandable. We’re slowly gathering intel on the new cast in the meantime, especially the biggest secrets they’re keeping. To that end, one contestant recently recalled their most embarrassing moment ever, and it taught me more about cows (and their anatomy) than I ever wanted to know.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly ahead of their season, the castmates shared a bevy of hilariously embarrassing anecdotes about themselves. Among them are drunk college ugly sweater parties, “shit scares,” and accidentally peeing on oneself. But the one that takes the cake comes from 31-year-old Omar Zaheer, an exotic veterinarian from Canada. Unlike your local vet, Zaheer has gotten up close and personal with much bigger breeds of animals. Like, very up close and personal… He shared:

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was when I was in vet school. We had our lab to rectally palpate cows by sticking our arms up their butt to feel for pregnancy.

Omar Zaheer could’ve stopped right there – because the visual is already TMI. Unfortunately, for us and him both, the story didn’t end there. It got much more graphic, with the upcoming Survivor 42 alum saying:

I was so nervous because I was like 'Oh my God, this cow could break my arm if it sits down while my hand is in there.' And I was just like, '1, 2, 3… GO!' I couldn't go in! And I was like 'What's going on?' And the technician beside me was like 'Keep going, otherwise she'll learn that if you stop that she can get away with it.' … And then I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm in the wrong hole!' In front of my whole class.

There’s probably a joke in there somewhere about guys and getting their holes wrong. But I’ll just leave it at – poor cow. I’m not sure how one could apply such…skills? in the game of Survivor. Perhaps Omar Zaheer’s lack of shame in even bringing up something like this will be somehow appealing to future allies. Who knows?

Incidentally, we called out Omar Zaheer as one of several of Season 42 contestants that hinted at having a winning strategy similar to Season 41 winner Erika Casupanan. However, it will take much more than similar strategy and an unnatural understanding of cow bowels to actually win the $1 million title of Sole Survivor. Nevertheless, it might just bode well that the vet has a knee-jerk “1, 2, 3… GO!” reaction when he gets “nervous” on Survivor 42. (Because there will surely be many of those moments amidst being stranded on an island with strangers.) 

Viewers can find out how the cow connoisseur fares when the show premieres on CBS on Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. EST! You can also check out the rest of the 2022 TV premiere schedule coming up.

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