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Pete Davidson Just Got Some Kind Words From Bill Murray, Which Might Help Balance Out That Kanye West Rap Diss

Pete Davidson has been cracking up Saturday Night Live audiences since his inaugural season back in 2014. But ever since he started dating social media mogul Kim Kardashian, the latter’s estranged husband Kanye West hasn’t been too happy with the young comedian. Luckily, comedic legend Bill Murray just shared some kind words for Pete Davidson that might help balance out the Donda rapper’s diss track

In an interview for Entertainment Tonight, Bill Murray reflected on his time at Saturday Night Live and revealed his feelings about the new cast members. The Groundhog Day actor had some particularly sweet things to say about the show’s "resident young person" Pete Davidson. Bill Murray said: 

Well he [Pete Davidson] has a lot of moments! I mean, there's got to be an hourly update or something [laughs]...I enjoyed that Staten Island 'Walking in Memphis' [sketch]. That was good, I enjoyed that.

The sketch that Bill Murray seems to be so fond of was a parody of Marc Cohn’s famous song "Walking in Memphis," with the Tennessee city being replaced with Pete Davidson’s hometown of Staten Island. Pete Davidson even got the actual Marc Cohn to hop in for a guest verse. The black-and-white sketch has accumulated nearly two million views on YouTube, proving that Pete Davidson’s SNL music videos are continuing to tickle audiences’ funny bones. It’s also just hilarious, making Bill Murray’s praise entirely understandable. 

Bill Murray’s words of encouragement came at what has to be a welcome time for Pete Davidson, who was most recently in the news after Kanye West released a mini diss track. The teaser trailer for his new song “Eazy (ft. The Game)” included a lyric that threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” for dating his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian (despite the fact that Kanye West has recently been romantically linked with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox). 

While Pete Davidson was reportedly amused by Kanye West’s song, some media outlets have claimed that the comedian hired extra security guards after the threat was made public. One couldn’t blame Pete Davidson if that’s true, considering that Kanye West is currently under investigation for allegedly engaging in a violent encounter with a fan last week. For now, check out the sketch that made such an impression on comedy legend Bill Murray:  

Bill Murray can be seen next in New Worlds: The Cradle Of Civilization, an intimate performance documentary, alongside the lauded cellist Jan Vogler. Pete Davidson can be seen next on new episodes of Saturday Night Live. The host for this week's episode is none other than SNL alum Will Forte, so be sure to tune in at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC to see it!

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