How Kanye West’s New Song Takes A Major Shot At Pete Davidson

Kanye West and Pete Davidson
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In the not-so-recent past, Kanye West made several public appeals to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. It appeared as though he wanted her to reconsider the divorce petition filed last February and take him back. Yet putting out all of his supposed sins for the world to know evidently didn’t do the trick. So West is now taking an offensive position to the situation, as his ex and her new beau, Pete Davidson, get more serious with couple vacays to the Bahamas. The notorious rapper, in fact, took a major shot directly at Davidson in his new song.

The track, called "Eazy,” was released this past Friday and features The Game and Kanye West. True to West’s style, it's very braggadocious. He namedrops Pete Davidson in the new song and – as was said on Shaquille O’Neill’s podcast recently, amongst other things – there might just be a fight breaking out in Hidden Hills where Kim Kardashian calls home. The lyrics in question go:

God saved me from that crash/ just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass.

Much like that lyric on the Donda album a few months ago that insinuated his cheating – which Kim Kardashian reportedly knew about beforehand – the new single is suggestive that the rapper is as upset about the new romance as reports say he is. But will the comedian actuallly answer the call to beef in a future Saturday Night Live segment? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the rest of the “Eazy” lyrics take a few other shots that might be considered shady.

Specifically, the rapper said that he and his estranged spouse are having “the best divorce ever,” but he also seemed to take a dig at their warring parenting styles. He suggested that the nannies and nanny cams “watch the kids.” He was also apparently thinks of his four children with her as “boujee and unruly,” saying that “this ain't yo momma's house.” Later in the song, the Grammy winner addresses the public hoopla over him buying a house close to his ex. He rapped:

Non-custodial dad, I bought the house next door/ What you think the point of really bein' rich for?

In the midst of pointed references to Pete Davidson and co-parenting efforts, Kanye West is casually dating actress Julia Fox (best known for her role in Uncut Gems) these days. He alludes to her on “Eazy,” saying “my new bitch bad, I know Illuminati mad.” One person who is reportedly not mad about someone else taking over West’s shenanigans? Kim Kardashian. Reports indicate that the former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star thinks it's actually a good thing for everyone involved.

However, Kim Kardashian has also been known to participate in her ex-husband’s grandiose artistic/musical displays before. Perhaps she knew of the Pete Davidson line in West’s new song? But – did Davidson?

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