Say What You Will About NCIS: Hawai’i, Vanessa Lachey’s Set Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Vanessa Lachey in NCIS: Hawai'i.
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The latest iteration of the NCIS franchise has been doing pretty well, ratings wise, as CBS gave Hawai’i a full-season order. Though some fans haven't been too high on the new series at this point, it would seem. Nevertheless, the show's star, Vanessa Lachey, is enjoying her time on the new crime drama. And now, she's delighting fans will some truly stunning photos from the set. 

To celebrate the latest new episode of NCIS: Hawai’i, the actress, who portrays Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant, posted a beautiful photo on Twitter from one of the beach locations featured in the November 29 episode, “Legacy.” She's certainly a stunner and, if you don't believe me, you can check it out the post for yourself down below:

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It must be nice filming in the Aloha State. Honestly, I don't know what's more impressive: the gorgeous backdrop or Vanessa Lachey herself. As the first female lead of an NCIS series, the actress has been making sure to document everything while on the island. And this is great for fans, as it allows them to live vicariously through her.

When the series first premiered on CBS, fans were pretty harsh. Some were disappointed with the acting and others simply wanted NCIS: New Orleans back. But as mentioned, the ratings have been telling a different story. The series has been pulling up pretty good numbers, which certainly bodes well for the show's future. As a whole, the network has really been pushing the envelope when it comes to its newest spinoffs and is looking to get them exposure. For instance, it purposely aired full scenes from Hawai’i and FBI: International during commercial breaks for their predecessors to keep viewers engaged.

Since the latest NCIS show is only in its first season, it’s possible that viewer reception will change as the show goes on and finds its footing. Vanessa Lachey looks to be doing a great job leading the series -- and doing it from the beach is not a bad look, either. Prior to the show's debut, Lachey opened up about what her husband, Nick, thought about the move to the island, and he was as supportive as ever. The actress and the rest of the cast have posted plenty of photos and videos since filming began, and they've been great to see.

Let's hope that we get more quality snapshots from the group as production goes on, though I'd be lying if I said that I don't get a bit jealous when I see their beautiful surroundings. I mean, I wouldn't mind working in Hawaii or on the beach. It'll be interesting to see how the show does for the remainder of the season, since fans are still on the fence about it. Hopefully, the show begins to pick up some momentum as time moves on. 

You can catch NCIS: Hawai’i on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, and you can also stream episodes on Paramount+.

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