Short Hair, Don't Care: Now That Modern Family Is Over, Sarah Hyland Is All About The New 'Do

When it comes to wowing social media with new hairstyles and outfits, the women from Modern Family are second to none. (Sorry not sorry, Ed O’Neill.) Sarah Hyland in particular is known to cause waves of Oohs and Aahs with a radical change every now and again, and that hasn’t changed a bit even if her former ABC comedy has been off the air for over a year and a half. She’s now rocking shorter locks all around, with some big bangs (different show) taking centerstage up front. 

Sarah Hyland showed off her new ‘do on Instagram ahead of taking it public at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. Check her out below!

It’s quite a sharp and stylish look for Sarah Hyland, whose serious visage was countered by her jaunty bangs-friendly caption. Although if one is to believe her boyfriend/fiancé Wells Adams — everybody’s favorite now-former bartender from Bachelor in Paradise — he was actually the one responsible for the textual accompaniment. But we’re celebrating Sarah here, sir, so she gets all the credit and glory. 

To be expected, Hyland received tons of love and googly-eyed fawning from her social media friends and fans, from Carrie Ann Inaba to Vanessa Hudgens. Everybody loves a cute li’l hairdo like this, especially when it’s atop a fun and friendly celeb like this.

As far as what inspired the new look, here’s what Sarah Hyland told Access Hollywood:

I wanted a change for my hair, and I was like, ‘I haven’t done bangs since like 2011. I haven’t done a bob since 2015. But let’s do both.’

Now check out the dress she wore to the People's Choice Awards to complement that killer new hairstyle.

Thankfully, award show red carpets aren’t the only place TV viewers will see Sarah Hyland in the near future. The actress’ first planned Modern Family follow-up, the fantastical drama Epic, was passed over by ABC during the pilot stage, but it wasn’t long after that bad news was announced that Hyland would be hosting the family-friendly competition special titled Play-Doh Squished, as well as serving as a judge. At this point, the streaming project is just a one-off, but considering Hyland is also one of the executive producers, I wouldn’t be surprised if more episodes were ordered up after the initial debut.

Having recently celebrated her 31st birthday (in part by publicly pointing at Wells Adams’ junk, as it were), Sarah Hyland now has a new look to go with her new-ish age. I wonder if it’ll be the same ‘do the next time the Modern Family cast gets together.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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