After Some Of The Modern Family Cast Had A Mini-Reunion Without Her, Ariel Winter Shares Funny Response

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Working in TV can be an odd thing. Actors and crews go into work day in and day out and see each other -- often for years -- and then one day it’s just all over. There are hugs and goodbyes and then everyone moves on to another project. You can always tell when casts really liked one another because they’ll hang out after a series ends, which is what happened recently when Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara and Jesse Tyler Ferguson all reunited for a fun day out. Only they forgot to invite Ariel Winter.

This week, Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to share the look at the picnic event, which featured pups, little ones and several of her former Modern Family co-stars. Everyone looked as if they had a blast in the great outdoors -- even without the full gang being there.

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However, the eldest Dunphy sibling may have made a little bit of a social media faux pas, as it seems she forgot to invite her younger TV siblings to the mini-reunion and didn't even try to keep it a secret afterward, even posting about the gathering on the internet! This led Sarah Hyland’s former co-star Ariel Winter to humorously call her big TV sib out with a playful comment, noting (edited for capitalization):

Did mine & Nolan Gould’s invite get sent to the Dunphy house because you know we don’t live there anymore guys!!!!!!

To be fair, the banter on Winter's end was clearly playful here. In the past Sarah Hyland has been great about sharing throwback moments and keeping up with a lot more people from the Modern Family cast, including Nolan Gould and Ariel Winter. It was just a few months ago, in April of this year, that Hyland herself even sent a birthday shoutout to her “little sister,” so they seem to at least be keeping in touch.

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As the show was ending, Sarah Hyland also paid tribute to what it meant to be a Dunphy with a very sweet post that also featured pictures of herself alongside Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould.

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Modern Family wrapped its run after 11 seasons on ABC back in 2020. At the time, some of the cast didn’t seem to be too happy about the network’s decision to end the series, but there was still a wrap party infused with a lot of emotion (and Green Day to boot). The final episode of Modern Family aired on April 8, 2020 at kind of a weird time, as the world was shut down and more people were spending time on screens than ever.

In the time since, the cast have moved on to other projects, with Sarah Hyland recently making headlines for herself and partner Wells Adams’ alleged Bachelor in Paradise stint as well as having another TV show in the works at ABC called Epic. Ariel Winter has movies Pools and Don't Log Off in the works as well. We'll have to wait and see where everyone from the original cast lands longterm, but it's certainly a new era for everyone involved in the show. The good news? I'm guessing there will be more reunions in the future. Perhaps next time Ariel Winter's "invite" won't get lost in the mail.

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