Showtime's Let The Right One In TV Show: 5 Quick Things We Know About The Series

The main character of Let The Right One In.
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Vampires in TV and film have always proven to be a hit, from the intense popularity of the fantasy series, Twilight, to hit shows like True Blood. Some actors or actresses have had their careers skyrocket because of roles in vampire-heavy fare, like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast. Which is why this Let The Right One In TV show isn’t a surprise to me, and will hopefully provide another great vampire series for fans to enjoy. 

But who’s going to star in this upcoming Showtime series? Or, what is the main plot going to be about? If you’re looking for some quick things on this upcoming show, check out what we know so far, here. 

The two stars of Let The Right One In.

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Let The Right One In Will Premiere On October 7, 2022

If you’re hoping that Let The Right One In will be coming out soon, be sure to mark it down on your 2022 TV premiere schedule, as the show is coming out this year. Let The Right One In is officially premiering on October 7th on non-linear platforms, and October 9 directly on the Showtime network.  

The main character of Let The Right One In.

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Let The Right One In Is Based On The Swedish Novel And Film Of The Same Name 

With a name like Let The Right One In, one can only wonder what exactly this show will be about, but it’s confirmed that the new Showtime series is going to be an adaptation of the novel and 2008 Swedish film of the same name. 

There was also an American-British adaptation that released in 2010 starring Chloë Grace Moretz, called Let Me In instead of Let The Right One In, but this will be the first adaptation since then, and the first time it’s being adapted into a series. 

The series follows the story of Mark, and his daughter, Eleanor, whose lives are changed forever when she is turned into a vampire. Eleanor is locked at the young age of 12, and her father does his best to try and provide her with the human blood that she needs to stay alive. 

Amy Isreal, who is the executive vice president for scripted programming at Showtime, spoke with Variety about how excited they are to be bringing this adaptation to their channel.  

Let the Right One In quickly establishes itself as a thrilling, high-stakes drama that asks the question: How far would you go to save your child from the monsters out there – would you risk becoming a monster yourself?...We couldn’t be more excited about the potential of this show.

With how many awesome shows Showtime has produced in the past, from Shameless to Dexter, I'm super thrilled to see Let The Right One In join the network as well. 

One of the starts of Let The Right One In.

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Let The Right One In Will Star Demián Bichir, Anika Noni Rose, And More 

The upcoming series has actually already set a good number of its main stars for Let The Right One In. Demián Bichir, who is known for his role in the drama, A Better Life, will be playing Mark. Opposite him, Madison Taylor Baez, best known for her role in the Netflix original series, Selena: The Series, will star as his daughter, Eleanor, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Besides the main two stars, several other big names have been announced. Anika Noni Rose, known for her parts in the Disney animated film, The Princess and the Frog, and the musical, Dreamgirls, has signed on for a role. 

Other actors that have joined are Grace Gummer, known for her part in Mr. Robot, Kevin Carroll from Snowfall, Ian Foreman, recognizable for his appearance in the Christmas film Merry Wishmas, Jacob Buster, who was a part of the Colony cast, and Nick Stahl, who’s known for his role on Fear the Walking Dead.

Not much is known about who the other stars will portray, but I’m sure that with a cast that talented, they’ll be great no matter who they play. 

One of the stars of Let The Right One In.

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Let The Right One In Will Have Ten Episodes  

It’s been confirmed that the upcoming Let The Right One In TV series is going to have ten episodes for its first season. How long these episodes will be is unknown, but considering Showtime usually has pretty lengthy episodes for their shows, I’d expect them to be more than a half hour. However, since nothing is confirmed yet, all we can do is speculate. 

One of the main stars of Let The Right One In.

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Andrew Hinderaker, Who Wrote For Penny Dreadful, Will Serve As Showrunner 

The Let The Right One In TV series already has its showrunner, and that is Andrew Hinderaker. 

Hinderaker wrote the pilot for the series when it was first pitched, and now will serve as showrunner and as an executive producer. This isn’t Hindraker’s first series with Showtime, however, as he was a recurring writer for the horror/fantasy show, Penny Dreadful.

Penny Dreadful was a highly successful series on Showtime. The psychological thriller was filled with mysteries and suspense throughout its run. While regular monsters that you would expect, like vampires, evil spirits and demons, were often causing trouble, personal demons from the past were the ones that truly haunted the main characters.

The series lasted for three seasons - and a spinoff, titled Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, was released on Showtime a couple of years after the first show concluded. 

Andrew Hindraker also wrote and produced the Netflix original series, Away. This drama, starring Academy Award-winner, Hilary Swank, was a science fiction show that followed a space crew from all different parts of the world to an expedition to Mars, and the struggles of facing the unknown with the help of others. 

When speaking about Let The Right One In to Variety, Andrew Hinderaker said that he was eager to bring his vision to life:

The series is both a love letter to the original film, and a story entirely our own. And casting a true artist like Demian epitomizes our bold aspiration to be one of the most terrifying shows on TV, and one of the most moving.

With that confidence in mind, I’m prepared for what might come next with Let The Right One In. I do love good horror TV shows, so if I can get my fix while also having my heartstrings pulled simultaneously, that’s a win-win for me. 

One of the main stars of Let The Right One In.

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Watch The Trailer For Let The Right One In 

If you’re wondering if you can get a first look into this new vampire-based Showtime series, check out the trailer down below:

With so many stars already announced and a story set, I’m excited that this Showtime series has progressed, from filming to its premiere date. I’m sure as soon as Let The Right One In releases, it will be a bloody good time - maybe even become one of the best Showtime shows to stream.

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