Star Trek Icon William Shatner Shares A Sweet Exchange With Star Wars’ Mark Hamill About Going To Space

Star Trek legend William Shatner’s voyage to space has come and gone, as the actor spent a whole 11 minutes in outer space with a small flight crew recently. Following the short but memorable trip, Shatner shared a sweet exchange with Star Wars’ Mark Hamill about going up in the future.

William Shatner was first announced to be going into space aboard Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin last month and he even shared another sweet exchange with Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter. Just days before launch, Shatner admitted he was nervous despite his years playing Star Trek's Captain Kirk. Now that he’s done it, he’s giving advice to Star Wars icon Mark Hamill on Twitter over the possibility of doing the same:

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It’s not surprising that following Captain Kirk’s trip, people would want to see Luke Skywalker do the same thing. It’s so great seeing how enthusiastic William Shatner is about going to space considering he was pretty nervous about it. Though who wouldn’t be? It is definitely a rare experience, and maybe one that Hamill would enjoy. It would be fun if both actors could head up into space together so fans could get a Star Trek and Star Wars crossover of sorts. 

Even though William Shatner’s trip lasted less than 15 minutes, it seems to have changed his life for the better. The actor became the oldest person launched into space at 90 years old and he is still doing pretty well. There are plenty of shows and movies set outside Earth’s orbit, so who knows? Maybe other actors will soon make their way to space, and for an even longer period of time. Tom Cruise is reportedly aiming to make a movie in space someday, which could be the stepping stone to an even wider industry for it. Maybe the Star Trek vet can give him some advice?

One thing is for sure: William Shatner heading to space at the age of 90 certainly gives the impression that making a quick trip above the atmosphere isn't too dangerous under the right conditions, even if there are no guarantees. Then again, the 70-year-old Mark Hamill didn't actually indicate that he's planning on a trip to space, or even considering it. Who wouldn't have some questions if throngs of people start wanting to send you quite literally off the planet? 

Mark Hamill's legacy as Luke Skywalker pretty much guaranteed that Star Wars fans would encourage him to give it a shot if it was ever possible, and Star Trek fans undoubtedly had fun with William Shatner doing it. Only time will tell if Hamill gives space travel a shot, but the odds seem pretty good that more and more celebrities will at least consider making the journey to space. 

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